Welcome to Hotheads Styling Tools

Introducing HOTHEADS, the most unique, simple to use, technologically advanced performance hair brush. Designed by hairstylists who know there is a bettter, simpler way to get great, healthy looking styled hair every time.

With over 30 years of experience in working with all types of hair and hair brushes. Patti Coyne and Michael Victor realized that not a single brush combined the styling realities of working with the physics of head, heat, hair and hand.

They both carefully researched how a brush could better stimulate the scalp to help invigorate strong hair growth, and lift and hug hair from its root. Exploring the intricacies of how various types of bristles could be combined in an almost three dimensional pattern to help prevent hair from tangling while keeping it looking brushed and polished longer. Working with the shape and materials of the actual barrel of the brush so dryer heat could both be concentrated and quickly released to speed styling time and enhance volume or smoothening .The ergonomic shape of the brush allows for comfort and ease in handling while styling.

By combining all their ideas into one brush HOTHEADS a whole new dimension in hair brush design and functon has been created. Performance by design.

Patti and Michael and their team of designers and numerous protoytpes later, are proud to say there is a performance brand of hair brushes that can do it all HOTHEADS.