Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

Dandruff or Dry Scalp?  

Colder climate conditions can trigger Dandruff or Dry Scalp or both.  FIGHT the FLAKES!

Your scalp is an extension of your skin and face so treat it with kindness.

Dry, flaky scalp may be caused by a multitude of factors which can make the scalp more sensitive creating itching, redness, and flaking.

This may just require changing your shampoo, possibly look for one WITHOUT Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. A shampoo that states it's hydrating for both the hair and scalp will be more effective this time of year. An Exfoliating shampoo is a good idea to introduce this time of year and should be rotated bi-weekly with your hydrating shampoo.

You should also be aware when using styling products which may contact the scalp could cause dryness, flakiness, and irritation. When the temperature drops outside, and the heat rises inside.

A conditioner doesn’t play as much a role for the scalp unless it states hydrates both hair and scalp. It’s the shampoo that will make the real difference on condition of the scalp if it's dry, itchy, and flaky. These days there are more pre shampoos for the scalp which can be very effective, follow the instructions for usage. 

Brushing the hair and scalp nightly is effective for many reasons and can help if the brush bristles are gentle on the scalp as they help exfoliate the scalp creating a healthy environment for both hair and scalp, possibly reducing the above conditions.

Reducing the heat on your hairdryer is very important, as the temperature drops with reduced humidity irritating the scalp and face and may cause static in the hair so try and minimize the heat.

For more information on STATIC view link below.


Be careful when using hairbrushes that claim to retain heat as they can irritate the scalp and damage the hair.

A Healthy Scalp tends to be greyish beige but any signs of pinkish, redness, flakes or abrasions with itchiness could be a sign of one of the below conditions.

Colder Weather can trigger Bacteria or Fungus resulting in Dandruff and either dry or oily flakes which usually result in burning, redness and itchiness on the scalp, this can be treated by various medicated shampoos. Please follow the instructions.

If you see signs of the above it is advisable to start by using a medicated shampoo more often, and directions to include shampooing twice. The first to remove debris and oils and the second for the active ingredients in the shampoo to be effective, while leaving the second shampoo on for one to two minutes before rinsing well. When the condition appears be under control reduce usage to “as needed.”

Just remember when using conditioners, keep them off the scalp and rinse thoroughly after use.

Colder weather doesn't last forever but it's better to be aware of certain conditions and how to treat them.