How do I analyze my Hair Type and "TIPS & TRICKS" to improve my blow-drying experience.

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Hair Types and suggestions on improving your Blow-Drying experience


Q. FINE HAIR: How do I create VOLUME and maintain the Volume when blow-drying?


Place the brush so the roots are lifted up for increasing volume.


A. When you Blow-Dry your fine hair for VOLUME, in some cases it remains FLAT this could be because your hair is too healthy or too Damaged. Some fine healthy hair doesn’t hold volume well as does overly damaged hair. This hair type works best when it is slightly damaged and can be considered PHYSICALLY FIT for optimum results.

Fine straight healthy hair tends to hang flat and resists holding a style. The simple fix is to use a VOLUMIZING shampoo which makes the hair drier, slightly lifting the cuticle making it more flexible and allows you to style easier. Not to be confused with thickening shampoos usually a polymer resin which coats the hair, adding bulk helping to thicken the hair fiber. Conditioners must be lightweight to reduce tangles. Styling lotions can be applied to the roots for added lift.


Q. CURLY, TEXTURED THICK HAIR: When I Blow-dry my THICK HAIR it remains puffy, how do I achieve a sleek smooth finish?


Blow drying closer to the head to eliminate puffiness and frizz for a smooth sleek finish. Let the hair COOL to retain the shape before removing the brush.

A. If this hair type is too healthy, the curl and frizz can be very strong and unmanageable, as well if this hair type is too damaged it may become dry, dull and frizzy. This hair type requires a balance between too healthy and very damaged making this hair easier to Blow-Dry.

One way to control the volume with this hair type is a chemical treatment to slightly weaken the structure making the hair easier to style. This is where relaxers and smoothing treatments work best. It is better not to over treat this kind of hair, so when it grows out, you won’t have too much of a difference in the 2 textures from roots to ends. For those who prefer not to chemically alter their hair these conditions can be addressed with the correct shampoos, conditioners, and styling products this will need some research to find the correct balance for your hair.


Q. What if my hair type is between fine, thick, and curly considered medium density?

A. Analyzing your hair type is the first step. Feel your hair does it feel smooth and silky or rough and dry? Some hair will have both conditions, meaning the roots are silky and flat and the ends are dry and rough to the touch. This is the most challenging condition to address. To create a manageable balance, you need to condition the ends but not the roots. When you apply your styling product the hair will be more balanced from roots to ends.  

Now hair with 2 textures throughout whatever the densities, for example short wiry grey mixed with natural soft wavy hair. This combination can be a difficult to manage but by simply using a semi/demi color you can slightly alter both types making the hair easier to manage. Grey roots with color treated ends? Once you touch up the color at the roots your hair will have a better balance of textures and porosities. Growing out color requires patience and maybe a trim.  

Did you know hair has 10 TIMES the tensile STRENGTH of STEEL, and there are only 3 types of damage.

1 CHEMICAL: Perms, Color, Highlights, Relaxers and Straighteners.

2 MECHANICAL: Dull shears, hot irons, hot hair dryers, aggressive styling techniques.

3 SYSTEMIC: These are from with-in, either hereditary or reactionary from drugs or hormonal related.

PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR is when you have a BALANCE with a combination of healthy and damaged hair creating an overall condition which allows you to STYLE your hair with EASE.

 CONTROLLED DAMAGE: this is the term we use to describe how you achieve PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR.

Blow-drying shouldn’t be a chore but a pleasurable experience. As well the results should help boost your confidence making you feel great about yourself.


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