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Hair has 3 DISTINCT STRUCTURES just like our bodies have SKIN, BONES and ORGANS.

1 The hair surface called the CUTICLE is very similar to the layers of our SKIN. This is the PROTECTIVE covering of the hair and is where you see the SHINE and HEALTHY surface.

2 The CORTICAL fiber is very much like the BONES of our body, this is where the hair gets its STRENGTH or weakness depending on the density of the strands not unlike our like bones. This is made up of TWISTED MULTI STRANDS and where most chemicals react to change the structure.


3 The MEDULLA which is the inner most structure of the hair shaft being hollow and is nearly invisible soft and fragile. This is more prominent in thicker hair more then fine hair.


FINER hair usually has NO MEDULLA, and this is where the difficulty is when performing chemical services on fine hair.

HAIR THICKNESS is measured in Micron’s

FINE is 30 to 60 Microns

MEDIUM 60 to 90 Micron’s

COARSE 90 to 120 Micron’s

This has nothing to do with one’s density of hair, that’s the number of hairs per square inch.

Did you know hair has 10 TIMES the tensile STRENGTH of STEEL, and there are only 3 types of damage.

1 CHEMICAL: Perms, Color, Highlights, Relaxers and Straighteners.

2 MECHANICAL: Dull cutting and styling tools, hot irons, hot hair dryers, aggressive styling techniques

 3 SYSTEMIC: These are from with-in, either hereditary or reactionary from drugs or hormonal related.

PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR is when you have a BALANCE with a combination of healthy and damaged hair creating an overall condition which allows you to STYLE your hair with EASE while still looking shiny and healthy.


CONTROLLED DAMAGE: this is the term we use to describe how you achieve PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR.

In some cases, hair can be too healthy making it difficult to work with by adding color or another chemical service slightly damaging it can make the hair easier to style.


Imagine fine straight healthy hair, tends to hang flat and resists styling. The simple fix is to use a VOLUMIZING shampoo which makes the hair drier, slightly lifting the cuticle making it more flexible and allows you to style easier.

Not to be confused with thickening shampoo’s usually a polymer resin which coats the hair, adding bulk helping to thicken the hair fiber.

MEDIUM HAIR may only need color or a fine highlight to create controlled damage.

Hair with 2 textures whatever the thickness, for example short wiry grey mixed with natural soft wavy hair. This DUALITY hair can be a real problem to handle, but by simply using a semi/demi color you can slightly damage both types making the overall texture easier to handle.


The only way to control the volume with this hair is to chemically damage to weaken the structure so it makes the hair easier to style. This is where relaxers and smoothing services work best. It is better not to over treat this kind of hair, as when it grows, you don’t want to have too much of a difference in the 2 textures from roots to ends.

Your target should be enough to control the VOLUME and FRIZZ but not to KILL the hair.

PHYSICALLY FIT HAIR is a BALANCE which can make styling your hair EASIER and HEALTHIER.

MOST important your ability to look and feel fabulous effortlessly!

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