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Your BLOW-DRY is the foundation of what should be a GREAT hair day.                           

  PREPARING your hair for the BLOW-DRY is as IMPORTANT as the Results.

After shampooing and conditioning ,towel dry, possibly with a microfiber towel  for more efficient results. Then apply your styling products comb or brush through for even distribution. There are two basic types of styling products, those with starch (sticky) to help create volume or those with glycerin/ silicone (slippery) for smoothing and controlling frizzy hair.

Using a hair dryer and a brush remove any of the excess water 60% to 70% keeping in mind the shape of your hair cut. 

Now your ready to use a HOTHEADS® Speed Brush or the Enforcer and your blow dryer with a nozzle. A helps nozzle directs the airflow in a focused path over the brush reducing frizz.

We suggest dividing the hair into sections which should be the same width and length as the brush barrel for best results. 

When blow-drying ALWAYS direct the airflow from the roots towards the ends to REDUCE FRIZZ. Allow each section of blow-dried hair to COOL on the brush before removing as the COOLING is what sets and strengthens the section whether smoothing adding volume or curls. After removing the brush you may also clip up the section of hair to let it cool longer

When blow drying very curly wiry hair smooth begin with wet hair. This type of hair is best blow-dried from very wet to control frizz.  This is when you’re going to use smoothing products which allow the boar bristles of the brush to slide through the wet hair with ease and without breakage.

Following these simple steps will help speed up your drying time and give you a Pro like finish.




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