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Patti Coyne & Michael Victor Best Brush BRUSH FOR Fall Hair Healthy Hair

Fall ,what you need to know when the temperatures drop: What changes do I need to make with my hair routine.

Cooler temperatures, wind, and cool damp rainy days can be a challenging for both you and your hair. It's also that time to pull out the hair dryer.

Your hair dryer first look for signs of over heating. this can be as simple as checking the filter on the back, look for lint as this can choke the motor and cause over heating and hot spots which can burn hair and your brushes as well as having your dryer catch fire.


 NOTE you can adjust the amount of air flow and heat on most dryers to suit your personal needs.

It's also time to review your shampoo and conditioners, what you used in the warmer weather will probably not give you the same results as the environment is changing daily. Look for shampoo with Hydrating properties which works well on finer hair as it will not add weight or make the hair limp.If you have drier coarser hair a shampoo with Moisturizing properties will make the hair softer as they contain oils which help hydrate coarse thick hair and make it easier to work with.

Volume shampoo's which work well in the summer/humidity tend to be drying. but using them in the cooler cold weather can dehydrate your hair and leave it flat/ flyaway very quickly after shampooing. A good thing at the wrong time.

Conditioners, put away those leave-in's as they only coat the surface and you may still have flyaway hair'.The packaging should state HYDRATING for fine hair this group tend to have less weight leaving you with some body/ volume these also are ideal for those of you with fine soft curls.

Those of you with drier coarser textured hair should look for conditioners that state MOISTURIZING  and or with oils which will give you a better conditioning getting the extra moisture your hair needs will leave your hair softer, flexible with added shine.

During the colder months it is recommended to apply a weekly treatment: for fine hair, RECONSTRUCTOR'S build both the strength and moisture together and this should be a perfect balance for fine fragile hair. If your bleaching or using high lift color formula's. this also applies to finer curly hair.

Thicker Coarser hair will benefit from a treatment high in moisture and lower in strengthening properties to achieve a shinier, softer, with more flexibility, in most cases the same applies for  thicker curlier hair types. Usually  the tighter the curl the more oils are needed..




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