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The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm -  Hair brush Speed Brush Hotheads

The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
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When you need extra control for unruly frizzy hair



  • Our unique Gentle Touch 3D bristles feature 3 types of bristles.
  • Our V- shaped double pinned nylon with domed melted tips, increase tension and control frizz while being gentle on the scalp.
  • Black/White natural boar bristles for adjusting tension and boost the surface shine while controlling frizz.
  • Your hair floats on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with a HOT surface preventing heat damage.
  • Patented Captive Ends™ (Concentrators) focuses, wraps air flow/heat, Over  /Under and around the brush reducing drying time.
  • Patented Thermal Conductive Technology™  heats fast and refracts the heat back towards the under side of the hair for faster cooling reducing drying time and Anti Static.

                                    superior smoothing, healthier hair, faster

                                      SKIP the FLAT IRON!

The Enforcer / Mr Smoothy a smoothing brush unlike other round styling brushes ultimate control for smoothing on difficult frizzy unruly hair. Natural boar bristles "shine boosters" Healthier smoothing reducing damage with a flat iron finish.




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