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The Grooming Paddle Plus -  Hair brush Speed Brush Hotheads

The Grooming Paddle Plus
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The Grooming Paddle PLUS is more than just a Paddle brush, it's the PLUS that makes the difference.

  • Our unique GENTLE TOUCH 3D bristle pattern features 3 types of bristles
  • A soft flexible nylon for easy detangling on wet or dry hair.
  • Natural Black and White Boar adjusts tension for grip and white for a high gloss diamond shine finish.
  • The narrow OVAL cushioned pad features a higher centre profile, allowing the bristles to easier penetrate the hair. improving the massage and distribution of natural oils as well as removing built up styling products
  • Our  narrower ends offer a firmer tension when needed with out changing brushes.
  • Smoothens those baby hairs gently, no hair spray required.
  • Extra tension, improves micro circulation and exfoliation. 
  • Our paddles unique shape fits the soft curve of your hand improves the comfort & control while reducing fatigue, a total ergonomic easy to use brush.

              Make this your daily routine for healthier hair and scalp today!


The one thing we discovered  stylists to researchers will agree on, increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the roots will help to improve the health and thickness to your hair. The simple action of brushing the scalp nightly of 15 to 20 strokes against the root direction will help to dislodge old hair and stimulate new hair to grow while improving the blood flow to the roots for the strongest healthiest hair. 

Dec 19-2018  REVIEW

"I've just been in love with this brush. It really makes my hair silkier. i am blown away,because my hair is very thin and i used to look like i had been electrocuted, no kidding! I feel like it even helped reduce my dandruff. I't really a great brush".







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