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The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy Hair brush 56mm
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The Enforcer / Mr Smoothy this energetic brush unlike other round styling brushes  will give you ultimate control with ease on difficult hair.

  • Our unique GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristles feature 3 types of bristles.
  • Our V- shaped double pinned nylon with domed melted tips, increase tension and control frizz while being GENTLE on the scalp.
  • Black/White natural boar bristles for adjusting tension and increasing the surface shine while controlling frizz.
  • Your hair floats on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with a HOT surface preventing heat damage.
  • Patented CAPTIVE ENDS™ (Concentrators) focuses Air Flow/Heat, Over  /Under and around the brush reducing drying time.
  • Thermal Conductive Technology™  heats Fast and refracts the heat back towards the under side of the hair for Faster Cooling reducing drying time.

                                    Better smoothing , healthier hair.

                                      Be a SMOOTH OPERATOR.




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