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3D Speed Hair Brush 3 sizes
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HYBRID Design and Function for heat styling features the innovative 3D bristle pattern for penetration, tension, and shine available in all Professional HOTHEADS hairbrushes. Patented CAPTIVE ENDS focusing your dryers airflow over the brush and THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY, reducing  drying time ,preventing frizz, and tangling.

Let's get started preparing your hair is as important as the blow drying process.

- Towel dry then apply you styling product comb/ brush through  distributing evenly.

-With a hair dryer and PADDLE BRUSH remove most of the excess water 60 to 70% (keeping in mind the shape of your cut) this allows your styling product to activate improving the styling process. By preparing in this way you prevent sectioning wet hair over dry hair when styling.

-Now your ready to use a HOT HEADS round HEAT STYLING BRUSH and your blow dryer with a nozzle. A nozzle directs the AIR FLOW in a focused path over the brush. Suggestion a section should be the same width and length as the brush barrel for best results.

- Following these simple steps will help speed up your drying time and give you a Pro like finish.

- Please note: using ROUND BOAR BRUSHES on very wet hair is difficult.

- Except when you have very curly/ wiry hair and want to blow dry smooth.  This is when your going to use smoothening products which allow the  boar brush to slide through the wet hair easier. This type of hair is best dried from wet to control frizz.

-There are two basic types of styling products those with starch (sticky) to help create volume or those with glycerin/ silicone( slippery) for smoothing hair.

Now enjoy your blow dry experience

In just 18 seconds your hair dryers’ top temperature is reached, created by Thermal Conductive Technology patent pending

Soft touch handle helps prevent fatigue.

For all hair types, curling, mega volume and smoothing BOAR HAIR BRUSHES

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