Healthy Hair

Traveling South or North pack your Essentials:

If your are heading to the slopes don't forget your hair can get super dehydrated on the plane and on the slopes dehydration occurs fast. Carry a leave-in conditioner in a spray if your hair is fine or in a cream format if your hair tends to be thick or curly. A braid or even a ponytail will keep your hair in place keeping it neat as well as tangle free and using a MINI-G by Hotheads will make the job easier. A compact brush like the MINI-G will help to prevent a bird's nest from occurring especially when wearing a chic snow cap on the slopes. Keep in mind a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as well as a micro-weave towel like Studio Dry will keep your hair looking its best. 

If you are heading South, you will also add to the above mentions an Anti Humidity product to help reduce frizz as well as a UV protector to prevent those wonderful sunny rays from burning and fading a fresh color. If it's a chlorinated , salt pool or the ocean a shampoo that helps remove all of the above will also keep your locks in optimum form upon your return to reality. A cap, hat or scarf not only adds to a fashion statement but protects your hair and face from too much wind and sun exposure. The braid or pony-tail also works well in these conditions.

Enjoy your vacation but remember you will have to return sometime and when you  do make sure your hair looks as good if not better when you return.

Your hair should come back  in as good a shape as you!

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