More info on Heating Faster

                                    HOTHEADS® HEATS FASTER


Many brushes that claim they HEAT fast, but when covered with damp hair do take time to penetrate to start the heating process. Heat is delivered to the brush/hair via the Air flow from the dryer.

HOTHEADS® Hair brushes uses a combination of 3 systems CAPTIVE ENDS® (concentrators) which compresses and controls air flow.

 Thermal Conductive Technology, which REFRACTS HEAT  back towards the hair.

The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® allows the AIR and HEAT to penetrate over and under the hair making this combination the most efficient at achieving heat faster.

Testing have shown that HOTHEADS® Hair brushes will reach a hair dryers top temperature in as little as 18 seconds compared to a traditional boar bristle brush which took 3.88 times longer.