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Blow-Drying Yourself


Innovation #1 Sectioning 

DIY Blow dry A Smart Idea #1

                             BLOW-DRYING without DAMAGE, A SMART IDEA

                                 the why is obvious, the how not so obvious.


A brush which allows hair to have contact with a hot metal barrel is not the smartest, two problems come to mind first, this concept does not allow air to flow evenly around the hair it mainly disperses air in all directions. Second, by having contact with a hot metal barrel brush and high temperatures of hair dryer today works more like an Iron on wet hair, amplifying the potential for more damage, not improving the drying.


Brushes that keep hair off the barrel using Natural boar bristles, allows the hair to float on a cushion of bristles, allowing hot air to move below and above which is much less damaging and faster drying.

Featured CAPTIVE END®, compress and wrap air around the brush barrel reducing the heat needed as well as reducing the drying time 50% to 60% and REDUCING the damage.


Hair Brushes, A SMART IDEA #2

Getting a GRIP on the handle.

A handle can be MORE than just a place to hold the BRUSH.


                                 Getting a GRIP, on the handle

                                       A SMART IDEA #2

Know one ever thinks about a brush handle but is as important as the bristle type and pattern.

The HANDLE, most people only complain about what they don’t like, hair gets caught in the joins between the head and handle, but never address the really issue how they are designed.

A handle that is too thin is hard to control like the old wooden ones and are slippery as well you must pinch harder to get a grip for styling. Many talk about ergonomic handles but good brushes are designed to be overall ergonomic to be truly effective. One without the other is just the same old same old. A handle can be more than just a place to hold. Today many stylist’s wrap brushes in the hair and leave them in but many just fall out or tangle. If a handle is well designed it can accommodate many functions here are the needs, thick enough to hold easily, offer good grip, have no seems to get hair catch in and here’s a smart idea, can be used to stick set your work smarter and more effective controlling size and strength of the curl.

HOTHEADS® Hair Brush offers more including two Natural Boars for a clean, healthy reboot.

smart idea#2.