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                                IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF HAIR 

                                            ONE HEAD AT A TIME


Having been stylists for many years with a passion for styling brushes improving the experience for both consumer and professional markets.


A HOTHEADS HAIR BRUSH is innovative in both design and function, with 2 patents.                                 


                                       NEW TECHNOLOGIES   

                                       FASTER DRYING WITH LESS HEAT 

                                       IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF HAIR 

                                       GENTLE ON HAIR AND SCALP

                                       BETTER EXPERIENCE

Our Patented CAPTIVE ENDS technology (CONCENTRATORS) creates FOCUSED AIR FLOW around the brush.

CONTROLLING AIR FLOW reduces drying time up to 50 to 60 %, by concentrating the air/heat wrapping it around the barrel.

Our CAPTIVE ENDS also control’s the hair section from slipping off the brush ends preventing tangling a common problem when using traditional round boar brushes.



This coating of highly refractive materials refracts the heat back towards the underside of the hair unlike other materials which retains heat, completing the heating and cooling process faster.

 HEATS up faster, COOLS down faster giving you a stronger longer lasting style. In combination CAPTIVE ENDS™ and THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ gives you the speed of drying without the damage resulting in better quality hair.





A combination of natural black, natural; white boar and nylon offers 5 functions effortless penetration, control of tension, shine, frizz control and is easily adjustable.


The hair floats on this cushion of bristles and eliminates the burning and scorching experienced by other brushes, by preventing direct contact with a HOT barrel surface while allowing the air to past above and below the hair.

Black boar is used for adjusting tension, white boar a natural shine booster, used for polishing the cuticle surface of the hair and flexible nylon for easy penetration.

Our bristle spacing, and tufting are designed for both volumizing and smoothing.

Gentle on both hair and scalp due to the shape of the nylon tips one being rounded (Speed brush) for effortless volumizing and smoothing all hair types and the (Enforcer /Mr Smoothy) having a melted dome shaped tip to prevent scratching and irritating the scalp. The Enforcer’s V shaped double pinned nylon also controls the short frizzy hairs for a superior smooth finish especially on thicker unruly hair.



Our balanced brush shape creates an ergonomic approach to the overall design of a hair brush not just the handle, both the hand and brush must work together creating an over all better experience with superior performance.











.   S SHAPED HANDLE conforms to your hand for comfort and reduced fatigue. 


      Our long oval cushioned pad adds firmer tension on each end and a higher             center profile for a superior scalp massage and detangling.

         GENTLE TOUCH 3D BRISTLES™ works on both WET or DRY HAIR.

             UNRIVALED SHINE safe for fragile hair and extensions.

                                   A PADDLE with a PLUS

                       The MINI-G PURSE BRUSH, BORN to TRAVEL

                                     Shaped for easy handling

                            Double pinned nylon for back brushing 

                                 Black / White boar for finishing

                                 The Perfect dry shampoo brush

                                           BEARD Grooming



                                 THE MINI-G dry shampoo brush      


HERE’S WHY:  The MINI-G has a double pinned nylon bristle that helps lift the hair to expose the oily roots allowing you to thoroughly apply your dry shampoo evenly.

The GENTLE TOUCH 3D BRISTLES™  helps distribute the  dry shampoo creating a FRESH clean finish and also polishes the hair from the roots to the ends enhancing the shine.

The petite size of the MINI-G gives it the ability to be used easily in the root area.

It’s a great travel companion.


 Everyone is using dry shampoo’s these days for both convenience and to prevent further damage from over shampooing.

To properly use a dry shampoo, shake well to loosen the powder inside the container.

To apply, lift the roots up using your MINI-G , spray or shake the powder into the root area wait 1 to 2 minutes for the oil to absorb into the powder then brush thoroughly.

The natural bristles in the brush help dislodge the oil soaked powder and also add shine and smoothen the hair surface.  Giving the hair a clean finish.

A friendly reminder clean your brush if you use your DRY SHAMPOO’S often.