Hair and Heat DAMAGE PREVENTION.

                         What is Thermal Conductive Technology® and how does it help prevent HEAT DAMAGE when blow-drying.

Unlike other brush coatings, like ceramics, tourmaline our patented Thermal Conductive Technology® moderates extreme heat and hot spots from the hairdryer when styling, reducing and preventing Heat Damage to hair.

This technology with our CAPTIVE ENDS® ( Flared Ends)  compresses, directs towards the Centre of the brush , and controls the heat and airflow between the CAPTIVE ENDS)®. Requiring less heat to dry the hair more efficiently with less heat damage.

Retaining heat on a brush does nothing to hold a style, since the hair stays hot and mailable, it’s the COOLING that sets hair.  A HOTHEADS® hairbrush cools 30% faster due to the Thermal Conductive Technology® coating.   When removing hair from a brush that retains heat this alters the hair shape, finish and longevity.  

 The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with the HOT barrel surface preventing burning and scorching, allowing the air to flow above and beneath the section reducing drying time.

Thermal Conductive Technology™ is a coating with many benefits preventing HEAT DAMAGE to your hair when blow-drying. NEW TECHNOLOGY for HEALTHIER FEEL GOOD HAIR™


                   Demonstrating  both Heat and Airflow efficiency of the HOTHEADS® hairbrush..