What is Thermal Conductive Technology?

                                     HOTHEADS Hairbrushes

                         What is Thermal Conductive Technology™?

Unlike other brush coatings, our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ does not retain heat but refracts heat meaning as long as you have your dryer engaged with the HOTHEADS hair brush it will  heat as fast or faster then other brushes BUT when you remove the dryer the heat from the brush will  cool 30% faster then other brushes.

Retaining heat on a brush does nothing to hold a style, but the hair stays hot and mailable, it’s the COOLING that sets hair. When removing the hair from the brush when hot, the curl loosens as it cools.

TCT in combination with our patented Captive Ends™ compresses, channels and wraps the heat and airflow between the enlarged ends.  

 The Gentle Touch 3D Bristle Pattern™ allows the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with the HOT barrel surface preventing burning and scorching, allowing the air to flow above and beneath the section speeding up drying time.

As for the COOLING portion when using brushes without Captive ends or TCT and allowing the hair to be in contact with a hot barrel of the brush while the hair is tightly wrapped around the barrel prevents both the hair and brush from cooling efficiently.

How does a HHHB cool so quickly when the hair is wrapped around it? You will notice hair does not cover the enlarged ends, nor does the hair contact the barrel but rather sits on a cushion of bristles. These Captive Ends™ are uncovered and exposed to the rooms, ambient temperature allowing the heat to disperse faster.

                   This is just SMART DESIGN and FUNCTION.