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3D Speed Brushes 3 sizes /  37mm / 56mm / 70mm -  Hair brush Speed Brush Hotheads

3D Speed Brushes 3 sizes / 37mm / 56mm / 70mm
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Created for faster drying,healthier,shinier hair, easy detangling on wet or dry hair.

The strongest curls and waves that last longer. 



       For all hair types

  • Our unique Gentle touch 3D Bristles™ features 3 types of bristles.
  • The flexible single pinned nylon dipped tips are perfect for detangling  on wet or dry hair.
  • Natural black / white boar for adjusting tension and increasing surface shine plus frizz control.
  • Your hair floats on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with a HOT surface preventing heat damage.
  • Patented Captive ends™ (concentrators) focuses, wraps air flow/ heat over/under and around the brush reducing drying time.
  • Patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ heats fast and refracts the heat back towards the under side of the hair for faster heating and cooling, reducing drying time while straightening and reducing Static.
  • The 3D Speed brushes fastest drying round brushes compressing the airflow allows both air and heat to penetrate beneath and above the hair section, speeding up drying time by 50 to 60% faster than other boar bristle brushes.These styling brushes can handle the most fragile to coarsest hair firm but gentle for for mega volume, bouncy waves or perfect smoothing without heat damage.

                     A 2018 Review of our speed brushes,   By Michelle Lake.



Moving Air Flow where you need it, on the hair.




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