A new Technology to help reduce hair damage and improve Blow-drying time. Jan 24

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                A new Technology to help reduce hair damage  and improve  Blow-drying time.

Everybody talks about spending less time drying, heaven only knows with our busy lives today we could use a little help and there are some easy ways to do it but how do they effect your hair?

 The most common way is with styling products which have chemicals such as Alcohols, Ethanols and others which evaporate water FAST but will leave your hair generally drier. This approach has been around since the 60’s but how has it evolved since that time? 

The 80’s featured materials like Ceramics,Thermal Actives and Tourmalines being added to styling brushes and hair-dryers. They were designed to” RETAIN and DISTRIBUTE the HEAT”. Speeding up drying time, but at what cost?

Have you ever wondered, why there is a need to retain heat on a hair brush, as we all know COOLING is what sets any material including hair So, what happened to COOLING?

Today you read about the terminologies of CERAMICS, TOURMALINE and THERMAL ACTIVES but what do they really mean? These additives are marketed as having the ability to emit negative ions which help dry hair faster and prevent static.

 Heat damaged hair is still a problem, partially due to the amount of hair chemical services performed and an aging population making the hair more fragile.

HAIR-DRYERS have gotten HOTTER and HOTTER over the last few years with the introduction of CERAMICS, THERMAL ACTIVES and TOURMALINE it seems HEAT has gotten out of control in speeding up drying time.

Most popular styling brushes aerated or vented are marketed as having the ability to  allow air and heat to penetrate through a section of damp or wet hair wrapped around a barrel of the brush to dry faster and without  damage is somewhat difficult to believe.

A HOTHEADS® hair brush offers you a patented technology Thermal Conductive Technology® which has the ability to moderate heat and hot spots reducing damage and cooling faster giving you a better styling experience.

In combination with CAPTIVE ENDS® or flared ends which control and focus the air and heat over the barrel of the brush. When you control the air and heat this helps reduce the amount of heat required and cools faster saving drying time. Resulting in less damage and a stronger finish to your blow dry.

Now there is a new approach to reducing heat damage to you hair.



Control Air and Heat between CAPTIVE ENDS®






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