Crafting an Extraordinary styling brush HOTHEADS HAIR BRUSH.

 Back in the late 80’s it was suggested Patti and I develop a better hair brush.

Selling and recommending so many brands of brushes gave us the ability to develop a brush with all the features requested by our clients and stylists.

The obvious problem which everyone was talking about was heat, but as we know it’s not the heat that sets hair but a combination of both the heating to dry and cooling which is what truly sets hair after it is dried.

Somehow, we had to come up with a system which could help identify both the heating/drying and cooling.

Our first patent in the 80’s was a temperature indicating concept to show the user exactly what was happening and visually show them both the heating temperature and the cooling temperature.

 After applying a heat sensitive coating to the barrel one big hurdle was that you couldn’t see the color change, as the hair covered the barrel.

During lunch one day we had an AH HA moment and created the CAPTIVE ENDS™ which then allowed the user to see the color change.

The first generation of the HOTHEADS Hair Brush was born.

Next was to find a manufacturer who could make them, these were made of wood with an aluminium barrel this was great, but they were heavy, though some loved a brush with weight, but some didn’t.

Next problem to solve was the weight factor, although it seemed to us that a brush with weight was a good thing when drying very curly and unruly hair. The reason being when blow drying this type of hair the pull back from the curl with a weightless brush required more physical tension though with a small amount of weight would create less effort pulling the hair to a straight smooth finish.

Our next design called the 3D Bristle pattern brushes were made of a heat resistant polymer in a blue color in a lighter weight version of the original brush. While reworking the new concept we discovered that the captive ends™ changed the movement and direction of both the HEAT and AIR FLOW it seemed to control  both shape and direction by air wrapping around the brush.

The HEAT and AIR FLOW are compressed speeding up and wrapping around the brush much like a wing of an aircraft controlling the air flow.

While working on this we also discovered that the Captive ends™ solved two other major problems people had while using round brushes. One being tangling on the end of the barrel, the captive ends™ prevent tangling as they keep the hair in the center of the brush. More interestingly if there were tangles, all one had to do was drop the handle towards the floor and the hair would slide off just like a spool of thread. This was an interesting discovery.

The second feature of the Captive Ends™ was it created a new place to hold the brush, moving the hand closer to the barrel while exploring this it helped to balance the brush removing the stress on the wrist, as well the hand could be slightly more open helping people with Carpal tunnel and arthritic hands. This also positions the hand and allows you to maneuver the brush in all directions with ease.

Though we did not have the metal core on the 3D blue brush, we were still faster than any other round boar brush. We did some research and found that when the heat and air impacted the hair wrapped around a traditional round brush the air flow deflected and scattered in all directions, but the Captive Ends™ compensated for this keeping us in this faster range drying hair.

Always looking to improve the brushes and the blow-drying experience, we then turned our attention to finding how to improve the time for heating and improving the speed of the brushes ability to cool fast.

We then created our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™, which is a combination of elements known to Heat Faster and again more importantly to disperse the Heat and Cool faster completing the cycle while having an Antic Static effect. We then applied this to the barrel in a coating. Thermal Conductive Technology™ which is now our latest patent.

Currently, we are developing new concepts around controlled air flow.

Now looking at bristles in traditional styling brushes were limited to one or two fibers and over the years as stylist’s, we knew that there are 3 major abilities to address, penetration, adjustable tension and shine needed so why not add all 3 different bristles in one brush, for all hair types.

Our Gentle touch 3D bristle pattern™ has been used since our beginning.

The first being a single pinned nylon with a straight top profile on a con caved shaped barrel with Captive Ends™.

For thicker coarser hair we used a double pinned nylon bristle in a V shape a firmer nylon for thicker curlier hair, the melted  domed  tips have 2 abilities, one is to be gentle on the scalp but the second is to hold close the shorter curly hairs which cause frizz and only this configuration has the ability to perform  both functions.

Black natural boar is also used and is staggered in a reverse V shape to allow the bristles to easily catch the hair and is used primarily for adjusting tension on a section while sliding through a section with less effort.

White Natural boar is a softer more flexible boar also staggered in a reverse V shape and helps polish the hair’s surface for a shine booster.

Our row configuration is slightly cork screwed in shape.

Traditional brushes prior to this had straight rowed flat bristle configurations which were very dense and hard to engage the hair, mostly used to straighten hair. The original cork screwed configuration was developed to create a micro perm effect on fine hair for volume and as the section was rolled in like a roller it would create a slight wiggle to the fiber but reduced the shine.

 A soft cork screw shape allows the brush bristles to do both smoothing, volume with shine.

Traditional hair brush handles had only one purpose and that was a place to hold the brush.

As stylist’s we knew we could create a shape that could also be used as a styling tool as in a stick setting technique.

The handle has a slightly larger profile in a soft touch material with a non slip grip for those with carpal tunnel or arthritic issues. The handle is also cylindrical in shape which acts as a roller platform for setting curl as in a stick setting technique.

The Journey continues………