Michael Victor in 1966 was a stylist, became an educator, platform artist and brand ambassador.

Owned and operated various upscale salons.

By the 1980’s was joined by Patti Coyne a stylist and created a salon apothecary  Delineation Hair and Skin Essentials in Toronto.

The mid 1980’s moved to a 6000 ft location incorporating both salon, spa and apothecary. Known as the “Go To” place in North America for products and information on both haircare and skincare.

This included hairbrush brands, it became clear there was an opportunity to improve this category. This began their journey to create the Hotheads hairbrush.

The first patent 1990’s incorporated a temperature indication innovation to a styling brush.

The 2nd patent was for the development of Captive Ends™ (concentrators) on the ends of the styling brush.

Next to modify the traditional bristling of a brush was the next innovation. Trademarked as 3D Gentle Touch bristle pattern.

In 2013 began working on a coating to improve  the performance of the brush.

This was patented in 2018-2019 and know as Thermal Conductive Technology™.

 2019-2020 an independent study has now been completed on the Hotheads brush to substantiate findings as well as provide more information on how this brush helps improve the quality of hair when heat styling.