Brush by Hair Type


Reviving the Tradition of Luxurious,HEALTHY hair with HYBRID technologies

The Paddle Plus Grooming brush




 Hair Type:

 For all hair types including fine, fragile chemically treated, straight or curly hair types and those with a sensitive scalp.

To be used on WET or DRY hair for detangling , great for  blow dry styling, and grooming at night.

Can be used on all lengths of hair. 

Will help improve the overall health of your scalp and hair as the oval raised pad gently massages the scalp when you brush before bedtime. Always brushing against the growth direction for best  results. Natural bristles give shine and polish to the hair.

If you have curly or straight hair and have never brushed your hair before shampooing remember this tip. Brushing your hair before you shampoo removes any tangles making it easier for the shampoo to distribute through the hair. Think about it , if you have tangles and you wet your hair, the water causes the hair to swell creating tighter tangles!


SPEED BRUSH Round Brush Styling: 

Hair Type :

For all hair types from fine, normal to thick hair and chemically treated when blow drying. The Speed Brush is designed to smoothen, curl, wave add volume with added shine and a frizz free finish.

There are 3 sizes 37mm 1 1/2" Small for bangs , short bobs or to use for curling. 56mm 2 1/4" Medium for shoulder length or longer.70mm 2 3/4" Large for long or very thick hair to get the job done fast.

Years of salon testing and have been used to create VOLUME, CURLS or a SMOOTH SLEEK FINISH all in one brush. Heating faster and Cooling faster locking in the style adding shine but most importantly eliminating Heat styling damage.

Speed brushes are designed to help prevent tangling due to the design of the barrel with Captive Ends® (end caps) and heat as efficiently as a metal barrel brush without damaging effects, while helping reduce drying time.

The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™  by design , hair sits on a cushion of bristles never touching a HOT barrel of the brush. Domed tips will never pull or scratch the hair or scalp.



   EXTREME SMOOTHING achieved by a unique double pinned Firm  V shaped nylon with a domed tip                                    

Hair Type:

For those with frizzy, curly unruly hair when you want a SMOOTH SLEEK FINISH with NO Frizz

The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ will not scratch the hair or scalp. This brush has double pinned nylon bristles for added tension and control needed for unruly hair. Plus these double pinned bristles are domed tipped  which controls fine short curly hairs, and increases tension for perfect frizz free smooth glossy finish.

The design of the bristles organize the strands of hair evenly  and smoothly giving you more control when styling  and faster results  with  less time and effort.

Recommended for smoothing the hair no flat iron required.


THE MINI-G Small Paddle 


The MINI-G is a multi functional compact paddle for quick touch ups and ponytail styling. Suitable for all hair types fine to coarse. 

The 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ will not scratch the hair or scalp with a V shaped nylon bristle for back brushing or dry shampoo application. Black/White natural boar bristles for adjusting tension and increasing the surface shine plus fizz control.

The narrow oval cushioned pad creates a higher Centre profile which allows for easier back brushing. 

Born to travel form the gym to any destination. Compact to fit in your purse or knapsack.