BLOW-DRYING and how it affects HAIR COLOR.

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BLOW-DRYING and how it affects HAIR COLOR.


We all know the environment, poor quality shampoo’s, styling products may cause color fading, but EXCESSIVE HEAT when blow-drying is something many of us do not realize is a problem.

We often blow-dry once or twice a day and hairdryers today can be extremely hot, so when blow-drying daily can result in damaged hair and color fading.

Excessive heat will dry and fracture the cuticle layer of the hair and may expose the cortical fiber (where the pigment is deposited) accelerating color fading.

Most of us never consider the relationship between hair brushes and hair color.   Styling brushes which are made with metal barrels and coated with ceramic and ionic elements, state they even out temperatures or maximize heat, but none of them address heat damage of the hair so do they do a good job?

 Some metals are good conductors of heat but maintain higher temperatures and for this reason are the most disruptive to hair condition and color pigments.

HOTHEADS Hair Brushes have 3 Functions to help prevent excessive heat damage.

1 The Gentle Touch 3D Bristle Pattern allows hair to float on a cushion of bristles preventing the hair from having direct contact with on a HOT barrel surface reducing the excessive heat damage.

2 Our patent


ed CAPTIVE ENDS™ by design heat as efficiently as a metal barrel brush without the damaging effects.

3 Our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ is a coating which helps to MODERATE HEAT between the CAPTIVE ENDS™ which results in faster cooling, saving time and strengthening the style.

Enjoy the benefits of healthier hair and quality hair color, simply by using a HOTHEADS Speed Brush.

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