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The STORY behind Styling brushes: Aerated vs BOAR


If you are currently using aerated brushes here is something to think about.

Over the decades the most famous stylists had a passion for BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES.

In fact there is a cult following using BOAR BRUSHES.

BOAR bristle brushes were considered old school for a time and the aerated styling brushes crept into the world of blow drying.

Aerated brushes may have been originally created for the retail market as they are generally cheaper to manufacture and need no skills.

Now aerated has seemly taken over the mainstream market both retail and professional.

They are now manufactured in ceramic, ionic and with heat resistant plastic. Every color and shape for styling.

Aerated brush bristles are nylon bristles wound around a wire that is inserted into a cylinder with holes. These bristles may be irregular, straight or kinked. Usually these bristles are sharp resulting in scratching the scalp. The bristles are usually short and cause burning of the scalp when held too close with a hot dryer or even break hair.

These brushes are weightless. They don't really grip the hair and the hair tends to slide off the brush unless, you SPIN, SPIN, SPIN, makes me dizzy. The fact is more stylists now have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to this repetitive movement.

They say they heat up fast  but they DON'T COOL DOWN. They state their brushes RETAIN HEAT, not a smart feature. We know as stylist's to truly set the hair its the COOLING that does this, NOT the HEAT.

Often stated the holes on the barrel are supposed to allow air to pass through the brush, but when hair is damp hair wrapped around this barrel, it just deflects air in all directions.

Hair dryers have gotten HOTTER and HOTTER and is needed to make aerated brushes to work, as well as damaging the hair.

Something to ponder.

How does this affect the hair?

Especially in today's market there are so many chemical services. Using an aerated brush on a frequent basis can increase breakage. Just too much heat on chemically treated hair. What about hair color when using an aerated brush continually the hair becomes more FRAGILE and more difficult to hold color, preventing the hair from looking healthy.

YES, heat resistant bristles were mentioned earlier, but what about the Hair!!

Aerated brushes are even coated with chemicals to decrease static which is usually caused by those excessively HOT DRYERS since now you have to burn the style into the hair.

Instead of drying the hair your frying it!

Let's look at BOAR BRISTLES this NATURAL FIBER is hair too.

BOAR BRISTLES help with the distribution of natural sebum from the scalp throughout the hair, if you are using a BOAR BRUSH. When blow drying you get a better grip from the NATURAL BRISTLES without using excessive heat.

NATURAL BOAR BRUSHES, are the most efficient way to blow dry hair. Less work is involved when you choose a BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH and the quality of your hair can't be beat.

These types of bristles DO NOT add DAMAGE to the hair, in fact seeing BOAR BRISTLES burnt down on your hair brush should tell you your hair dryer is either clogged or the thermostat is no longer working properly.

Maybe its time to replace it, or tweak the way you hold the dryer. It may be just too close to the hair. If you place a hairdryer nozzle against your hand when its turned on with heat it burns, so why would you place your dryer directly on the hair, on the brush ?


BOAR is a Natural fiber; and has a texture like Hair

BOAR is better at cleaning debris, product build up as well  and environmental pollutants from both hair and scalp.

BOAR is healthier, using HAIR on HAIR to style it's gentler.

BOAR is not chemically treated for heat resistance.

BOAR adds SHINE BUFFS  the outer layer of the cuticle adding SHINE no chemicals required.

BOAR doesn't cause STATIC instead absorbs natural oils eliminating STATIC.

BOAR will improve the quality of the hair with use helping keep the cuticle intact overall better results when using chemical services.

BOAR will not irritate the scalp less abrasive, doesn't hold heat like a nylon bristle or scratch the scalp and is therefore less damaging to the hair/scalp.

There is now a NEW GENERATION of HYBRID BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES comprised of 3 TYPES of bristles 2 being NATURAL BOAR one for TENSION and one for SHINE plus a NEW SOFT FLEXIBLE  NYLON with rounded tips for penetration. These characteristics' allow for more tension and controlled penetration than any brush currently available.

Allowing for a wide range of styling options.










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