BOAR/NYLON styling round brushes Review PART 1

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The structure of a typical round  boar brush  has a core of wood or composite material used as the back bone with BOAR BRISTLE tufts inserted into either straight rows or cork screwed at various degrees of twist.

If your looking for FASTER DRYING TIME, DON'T consider a Brush with BOAR only. A BOAR BRUSH tends to have a slower drying time due to the density of  boar ,though it does resist high temperatures, this helps  prevent burning the hair.

They are also SLOWER to COOL Down quickly which is important in setting hair firmly, but for HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR it's worth it.

You may need to brush up or learn some new skills to become efficient with a BOAR BRUSH or a combo of BOAR/NYLON bristles.

NATURAL BOAR comes in different lengths, diameters, and stiffness.

TUFT SHAPE STRAIGHT  if tufts of boar are flat, denise and straight they will give you less grip and less tension therefore are more suitable for fine or damaged hair.

TUFT SHAPE REVERSED V if the tufts of boar are reversed V shaped they will allow the hair to penetrate the brush more easily, giving you more grip and tension. This is more suitable for thicker coarser hair. 

PORCUPINE, what is it? This term is used when a nylon bristle is added to the tuft of boar when more control / stiffness is required.

As you know now there are many configurations of straight and Cork screwed bases.

PART 2  Characteristics and Usage, to follow.




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