Coanda Effect Controlled Air Flow HAIR BRUSH Prevent heat damage

Hair Dryers create AIR FLOW with heat in two ways with or without a nozzle, traditional styling brushes have never been designed to CONTROL AIR FLOW most just deflect the air/heat in all directions once it has contact with the hair on the styling brushes.

HOTHEADS® Hair brushes are the only Patented styling brushes which have a patented DESIGN, CAPTIVE ENDS® which has the ability to CONTROL and COMPRESS the AIR FLOW over the brush. Now connecting the dryer and brush for efficiency, this allows the air to past over and under the bristles resulting in reduced drying time, and preventing heat damage while the hair floats on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with a HOT brush surface. Improving the Shine, Volume, Texture and Health of the hair with less Damage.

CAPTIVE ENDS®  give you the ability to dry your CONTROLLED AIR FLOW.

Review by Michelle Lake 2018



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