BOAR/ NYLON Styling round brushes review PART 3


HOTHEADS® HAIR BRUSHES  what makes them different?

By improving the features and benefits of the traditional boar bristle brushes.

Creating a design structure to CONTROL AIR FLOW over the brush allowing the air flow to redirect to the middle of the brush and wrap around creating more AIR and HEAT on a larger surface.

Patented CAPTIVE ENDS®  helps reduce tangling on the ends of the brush.

Patented THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY® a combination of elements  which aid in FAST HEATING but more important FASTER COOLING reducing Heat Damage to the hair giving you a stronger longer lasting blow-dry finish.

SCALP COMFORT Our flexible  NYLON has a unique pattern designed to improve hair penetration for more grip and control.

Our NYLON is not cut, it is either ball tipped or gently heated to create a soft dome profile enabling the bristles to glide smoothly over the scalp and through hair without irritation or tugging.


Due to it's extended length and width helps prevent stress and tension, fatigue in your hand and wrist preventing CARPAL TUNNEL.

These features make the Difference in your Blow-drying experience.





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