HAIR BRUSH STORIES BLOG: Another great reason to use a HOTHEADS Hair Brush.

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HAIR BRUSH STORIES Another great reason to use a HOTHEADS® Hair Brush for styling and detangling.

QUESTION: Jamie: " I have a really hard time doing my hair. Both my hands have Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel I have Arthritis as well. I thought this might help me to be able to style my hair."

Our Reply: " Thank you for your inquiry we have had some positive feedback from users on the comfort and ease of use of these brushes."

After sending a Speed brush and a Grooming Paddle PLUS below is Jamie's' review.

"I used the medium HOTHEADS® Speed brush I really like how my hair has no static compared to using a straightener. No more frizzy hair after, I just blow it. My hair feels really smooth and the brush is so easy to use. Excited on how it doesn't get stuck in my hair. The handle is soft, and you don't need to hold tight. With my Tendinitis and Arthritis, I have no issues of the brush falling out of my hands or hurting my hands and fingers from gripping too tight. I also use the Grooming paddle Plus as well for everyday brushing and still no more static in my hair , leaves it smoother and shiny. The handle makes it easy to use and grip with my Tendinitis and Arthritis. I don't have any issues with getting my tangled hair stuck in the brush. Thank you so much this makes it easier to brush my hair and style my hair and not just put it up in a ponytail."

Jamie O.

Imagine the possibilities for those who suffer from these conditions and are unable to style their own hair. You may now feel empowered to do so like Jamie."

Time for a change?

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