HEAT and a HAIR BRUSH Nov 8th 2022

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How Much Heat is Too Much? It’s not just your hair dryer, it’s your brush too amplifying the heat damage to your hair and roots.

Some excessively hot hairdryers not only cause an uneven flash drying effect that removes surface moisture but can affect the internal moisture in the hair. The cuticle then becomes dry and brittle, so when the hair is wrapped over the brush or slide through this then causes the cuticle to crack, which can cause breakage when simply brushing the hair.

Our experience with the many hair dryers we have tested has shown the temperatures are not evenly distributed from the nozzle.  For example, having recently tested a hair dryer found the temperature on one side of the nozzle reached 248C but on the other side only reached 80C. What do you think this is doing to your hair while styling? It also known to cause bubbling in the roots which can be a severe problem.

You often find articles on the effects of hot hairdryers and even styling brushes but never are the two connected to heat damage. The fact is both cause scorching and damage to the hair.

The most common brush styles are aerated brushes for heat styling and were designed to speed up drying time and retain heat including the bristles. This can spell disaster especially for fine fragile hair. It is suggested when using this type of brush on wet or damp hair, the hot air passes through the damp section of hair through vents and out the other side, speeding up drying time. In fact, air cannot pass through both the hair and vents while on the brush, though the vents make the brush lighter. So, what does this have to do with speeding up drying time?  You need more heat to make this brush effective which means you are frying the hair dry, and, in many cases, this is done daily. 

Hotheads® hair brushes giving you these features:

 SPEED DRYING means more than just drying fast.

“S is for speeding up drying time, moderating heat and cooling faster. 


E E D                                                       


“P” is for Painless on the scalp, gentle on the hair, helps prevent breakage with our exclusive 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® offering adjustable tensions.   





“E” extended longer soft touch handle offers you more options of holding positions plus can be used for wrap setting, a section.


“E” ergonomic design gives you better balance reducing fatigue when styling. “RELAX let the brush do the work”.  It's all about COMFORT.






“D”  damage control while styling by  our patented Thermal Conductive Technology® moderating heat and hot spots from a hair-dryer, while cooling 30% faster.


SPEED an uncomplicated word with a great deal of meaning relating to a HOTHEADS® SPEED brush.

Today with all the hair coloring, bleaching and all the other chemical services performed it is more important than ever to consider both the hair-dryer and the brush you select when heat styling. 



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