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More characteristics of BOAR /PORCUPINE brushes PART 2

Patti Coyne & Michael Victor

Straight and Cork screw characteristics and usage.

STRAIGHT ROWS are generally used for SMOOTHING hair.

CORK SCREW is generally an all purpose as it will create everything from MEGA VOLUME  to smoothing.

When rolling the hair around a cork screwed configuration the  hair is given a micro texture increasing the volume almost like a micro perm within the length of the hair for MEGA VOLUME.

BOAR BRISTLE does not melt like NYLON but does flatten when excessive pressure is applied.

This can be easily rectified by washing your brush with an ACIDIC shampoo then rinse..

Then watch the bristles spring back to life.

If you have burned the BOAR  bristles it's telling you your dryer is TOO HOT or the filter needs cleaning. Otherwise pull back the nozzle from the  brush, NEVER place the nozzle directly on the hair on a brush. SPOT BURNING OCCURS.

HANDLE DIAMETER & LENGTH; is also very important if the handle is too thin you can stress your hand creating fatigue resulting in CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, with use over time.

A larger diameter handle can relive this stress, a textured or foam allows easier grip and less fatigue when handling a boar brush.

Be sure to hold the handle as close to the head of the BRUSH as possible,this will help the balance which relieves the stress on the hand and adds to the maneuverability.

BOAR brushes or a combo give you the real feel of the hair your working with and allow you to adjust the tension better then other types of brushes.

The finish and control is amazing.

Finally hair may tangle on the ends of a traditional BOAR BRISTLE brush so be careful to control the width of your sections.





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