Natural Boar bristle brushes NOT all are CREATED EQUAL.....

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Natural Boar bristle brushes NOT all are created EQUAL….

What to look for.

Blow drying hair can be considered an art form and the tools you use the blow-dryer and Brush are what MAKE or BREAK a great blow-dry. Just look at your styling brush here is what to look for to achieve great looking hair and give you ease of use while Blow-drying.

What to look for:

How long are the Bristles?

Too short they will not grip the hair, too long may tangle, this depends on the thickness of your hair. If it is fine hair shorter bristles are OK, but if your hair is thick short bristles may not grip the hair well and could make it difficult to blow dry.

How dense are the Tufts of Bristles?

Look at the thickness and texture of your hair for this, if the tufts of bristles are dense and your hair is thick and textured, they may not penetrate through the hair easily. If the tufts are spread apart the hair will fall into the bristles easier and blow drying will be much easier. Finer hair the tuft density should not be too thick nor to thin, as long as the hair can slide into the tufts.

How are the ends of the bristles finished?

Feel the ends of the bristle’s if they feel scratchy and stiff, they may cause damage to the hair and irritate scalp. If your hair is fragile this may cause breakage while blow-drying.

Are the rows straight or staggered?

Straight rows of bristles are fine for smoothing but when they are staggered your can easily achieve a sleek smooth finish or increased volume and body while blow drying.

Does your brush have natural black boar bristles?

Adding natural black boar bristles to a brush gives it superior Grip and flexibility. When added to a paddle style brush while brushing, this will helps improve microcirculation and gently exfoliate the scalp. These bristles are known to help distribute natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

Does your natural boar brush have white boar bristles as well?

The addition of natural white boar bristles adds more shine as it polishes the cuticle leaving the hair with a lustrous shine. Smoothing the cuticle also closes it and protects the internal structure of the hair.

A HOTHEADS® hairbrush whether a styling brush or paddle has the   3D BRISTLE PATTERN®, incorporating natural black boar, natural white boar and a flexible ball tipped nylon bristle for penetration, creating a easier to use brush and a quality finish when styling.




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