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Nylon Bristle AERATED Round styling brush review

Patti Coyne & Michael Victor

Facts and Performances

Typically a round cylinder with holes and a centre wire inside with nylon bristles twisted through in which bristles protrude through the holes in the barrel about 1/4 to 1/2 inches in length.

They are usually extremely LIGHT WEIGHT your hand must do more work when dealing with the hair, especially thicker hair creating fatigue and may cause CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME due to the repetitive spinning of this brush type in your hand.

DRYING SPEED, it's suggested that the air goes through a wet or damp section of hair then through the holes on the barrel of the brush and out the other side. Common sense tells us that the air does not pass through the holes. In fact, you need more heat which will cause the bristles to melt which probably means you are in fact burning the hair dry.

COOLING SPEED since this is what actually gives your hair a stronger longer lasting set. This type of brush holds heat inside the barrel therefore it doesn't cool down fast. It really isn't the best for styling.

No one ever talks about a brushes ability to stretch hair. This brush has a very poor ability to stretch hair due to the fact that the bristles are too short and too flexible. to stretch hair well. Remember wet hair will stretch 50% of it's length therefor it's the strongest method of setting hair. Dry hair on the other hand only stretches 20% of it's original length so you get a weaker set.

Speaking of NYLON BRISTLES this style tends to be MACHINE CUT so they  have very SHARPE EDGES and tend to scratch the scalp as well, not such a pleasant experience for the person on the receiving end.

ANTI STACTIC SOLUTIONS can be added to these bristles but because you are using excessive heat you are in fact DEHYDRATING the hair causing more static.

The ability to CREATE TENSION for smoothing or curling well, is VERY POOR unless you wrap the hair around a few times to get the hair to grip. The bristles are just too short and thin a diameter.

To Wrap this up.

This style of brush has a limited usage for less dense, medium to fine hair or hair that is not  extremely damaged otherwise you create too much heat and possibly even breakage.

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