Controlled Damage & PHYSICALLY FIT Hair is when you have a balance in the hair with a combination of both healthy and damaged hair creating an over all condition which allows you hair to styled with ease and still looks shiny and healthy.

Imagine very fine straight healthy hair this tends to hang flat and resists shaping of any kind. To change this slightly you may use a very deep cleansing shampoo that   removes both styling products and  any minerals eg: chlorine.

Another approach by adding very fine high lights to this hair type you are actually creating a slight damage . Now watch how your hair comes alive when you style.. Now it's PHYSICALLY FIT to style with controlled damage it's all about making your styling easier and it's a balance of the condition.

Imagine medium hair types which have both natural color and grey mixed. This is what we call Bipolar hair you have two types of hair within one head you know the nice looking hair with all those squiggly bits of grey sticking out all over. Solution color it what you are doing is damaging the squiggly grey and softening them and on the natural hair you are adding some texture it's like bringing both types together making your hair much easier to style. Blending two textures in to one your hair is PHYSICALLY FIT with controlled damage and easier to style.

Now lets look at  thick unruly frizzy hair those with this hair type have to wear it long keeping as much weight on the hair to prevent it from becoming a huge mass. Rosanne, Rosanna Danna hair.   

Coloring and or relaxing solutions  are effective on this but keep in mind hair type has a mind of it's own. The only way to control the volume and the unruly frizz is to have controlled damage. But be careful not to over do this as in Straightening it to death. Many times I have dealt with clients who come in with extreme  straightening's where the hair is just dead, hanging  lifeless and  won't even bend. It's a balance and when you get CONTROLLED DAMAGE your hair  is so much easier to style. Again your hair is PHYSICALLY FIT to style.

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