POROSITY and CURLY HAIR: Question, how does it effect my curly hair?

POROSITY is another way of describing the hair's internal damage and it's ability to absorb water.

More damage more POROSITY Less damage less POROSITY.

Most CURLY HAIR looks better when it's wet as water contains the most numerous bonds H2 O2 but are also the weakest in the hair and that is why it looks good when wet.

When the water evaporates the hair appears limp and frizzy.

Very CURLY HAIR with more POROSITY/damage means more water is absorbed adding more weight, holding down the curls and therefore looking it's best.

For this type of curl, styling products should be thicker and have more weight . Some even add oils to increase weight along with polymers to set the style.

Finer softer weaker curls with too much POROSITY/damage means it will absorb too much water making the hair hang limp. For this type of curl, look for styling products which contain magnesium sulfate which tends to dry and tighten the curl squeezing out water reducing weight and increasing the curl.

Getting the balance is not that hard, if you understand the concept.

POROSITY can be you hairs best friend or worst enemy.

Simply by replacing the water with protein treatments can fill these voids with a structure allowing the hair to become less POROUS.

Therefore, styling products can seal the hair to maintain the moisture inside the hair which it loves.



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