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Prevention is your best Protection™

   Feb 2023

Why wait till the damage is done because at that point the repair process could be long and tedious and sometimes ineffective.

Let’s look at the environments first, where we live, work and play though we know these usually can’t be altered.  If your home environment tends to be dry lacking humidity your hair will probably be prone to static electricity as well your skin and lips will feel parched even sensitive. Look at ways to increase the humidity in your home environment.

Shampoos and conditioners with” moisturizing properties” will help improve hair condition and overall styling. Don’t forget those styling products and leave in conditioners too. Be careful, overusing those with some silicones as they can buildup, in which case a monthly regime using a detox or deep cleansing shampoo will help improve hair quality and reduce dryness.

Changes in hormones yes, we can have hormonal hair a time when our hormones are changing due to various reasons can definitely affect the overall quality, density and luster of your hair. These may need to be addressed by a professional. This is also a preventative approach to healthier hair.

How much abuse can your hair take, often unknowingly, you must have experienced a time when various shampoos, conditioners and styling products just don’t give you” happy hair” and make for disastrous styling. But once you find those that work your hair will style easier, improve the overall condition and quality of your hair. We all know you don’t wash your fine linens with janitor in a drum, that’s called abuse so, why would you take this approach with your hair.

What about heat styling tools flat irons, curling irons, hairdryers and hairbrushes.  We now know heat styling tools that reach extreme temperatures of 232C or 465F can burn hair causing external and internal damage (bubbling in the roots) This not only comes from heat settings but also the concentration and length of time on the hair. Looking at hairbrushes do they have a metal barrel or heat resistant bristles this extends the heat longer on the hair surface and is definitely not a preventative approach.  How many of us ever look at the hair dryer filter (this is where the air is taken into the dryer) if its clogged will overheat damaging your hair and probably the hairdryer as well.

Clean Hair dryer                Reduce Heat         Burnt Bristles       Burnt Hair  

Back of Hairdryer full of dirt which chokes the airflow and increases the heat to dangerous levels. Clean out the intake filter     Burnt bristles on a styling brush  Image of burnt hair

        Smarter Not Harder


Addressing what is outlined above will help you assess your best approach to preventing damage before it happens. Prevention is your best Protection.

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