HOTHEADS Hair Brushes



Grooming Paddle Plus brush is much more than just another paddle brush, it's the PLUS that makes the difference and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Our unique 3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ feature 3 types of bristles, a soft nylon for easy detangling and penetration to the scalp, natural black boar for adjusting tension, and natural white boar for increasing the surface shine to each hair.

Boar bristles are a natural fiber like your hair.

These  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ in combination help to improve micro circulation and exfoliate the scalp.

Make this a daily routine for healthier hair and scalp.

Plus our narrow oval cushioned pad creates a higher center profile which allows the bristles to penetrate the hair and scalp with ease.

The higher rounded peak does 2 things, lifts the roots for volume and adjusts tension for smoothing.

The narrow ends of the pad offer you a slightly firmer brushing when you need that extra tension.

Where most paddles have a flat body shape, Grooming Paddle Plus has a shape and design to fit the soft curve of your hand improving your comfort with less fatigue while grooming.

The balanced holding positions on the brush are contoured and curved to keep you fingers in the perfect position for total control for lifting the roots for volume or adding tension for a smoother finish.





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