THE PADDLE BRUSH has not structurally changed much over the years.

The most universally used brush world wide with many applications.


Not all PAD'S are created equal. This is where the bristles are add and is one of the most important features.

The PAD profile matters, a LOW PROFILE PAD does not allow the bristles enough height to penetrate through the hair and scalp due to the low profile.

A HIGH PROFILE PAD will elevate the bristles higher towards the peak ensuring penetration to both hair and scalp.

PAD'S can also be THIN/FLEXIBLE which allows gentle movement of the bristles with a softer feel on the scalp for FINER HAIR.

A THICK-PAD creates less movement with more rigidity.



Nylon: nylon come in various diameters used in PADDLE BRUSHES simply put the thicker the nylon the stiffer and the thinner the nylon the more flexible but they are sometimes mixed together.

Nylon is referred to PORCUPINE when mixed with a BOAR BRISTLE increasing the stiffness.

NYLON on it's own is more likely to causes static to your hair unless treated with a anti-static compound.

When selecting a NYLON BRISTLE BRUSH be sure to inspect the bristle ends as there are 4 variations to the tips.

1- CUT TIPS: can be very sharp and uncomfortable to use.

2-POLISHED TIPS: will slightly soften the discomfort to the scalp.

3-MELTED TIPS: are easy to see and will have a soft dome shaped tp which would be the most comfortable on the scalp.

4-DIPPED TIPS: If a ball shaped profile appears on the tip, be sure to select a small size which allows hair to slide over the tip easily.

It is our experience the larger the dipped tip size can be cut below this shape by hair causing small cracks which tend to break down quickly causing pulling, damaging the hair.


These are not flexible and break down at the pad base quickly. They usually are a larger diameter bristle. If wet often water will penetrate the pad causing deterioration, therefore the bristles will loosen and fallout.

Wood bristles are not appropriate for grip or tension when blow drying as the bristles are just too far apart.


not recommended for anything but hair pieces and wigs. They are too stiff and to be used in the hair , the metal bristle will break down the pad quickly falling into the pad rendering them useless.


BOAR BRISTLE does come in different diameters and qualities,

BOAR BRISTLE has a texture just like our own hair which is best for removing debris and product build up.

BOAR BRISTLE will absorb your natural oils allowing you to Redistribute them from the roots to ends. This acting as your natural conditioner will help to prevent static NATURALLY.

PORCUPINE being a multi combination of bristles is our recommendation for Brushes. Also look for a stagger in the TUFF pattern this will provide you the best overall performance.





PART 2 to follow








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