Brush for dry shampoo


The MINI-G has a double pinned nylon bristle that helps lift the hair to expose the oily roots allowing you to thoroughly apply your dry shampoo evenly.

The NATURAL BRISTLES help distribute the powder creating a fresh clean finish and also help polish the hair from roots to ends enhancing the shine factor.

The petite size of MINI-G gives it the ability to be used easily in the root area.

It's a great travel companion for your DRY SHAMPOO.


Everyone is using DRY SHAMPOO'S these days for both convenience and also to prevent further damage from over shampooing.

To properly use a DRY SHAMPOO shake well to loosen the powder inside the container.

To apply lift the roots up using the MINI-G with the double pinned nylon bristle, spray or shake the powder into the root area wait 1 - 2 minutes for the oil to absorb into the powder then brush thoroughly.

The NATURAL BRISTLES help dislodge the oil soaked powder but also adds shine and smoothens the surface of the hair. Giving the hair a fresh clean finish.

A friendly reminder clean your brush if you use your DRY SHAMPOO'S often.



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