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The Science behind the Balance and Weight of a hair brush

Patti Coyne & Michael Victor

I like LIGHT or I like HEAVY we all have our favorites.

Today many stylist's need more than one round brush and one of the most important features not acknowledged is the weight.

When your working with long curly hair it makes sense to have a brush with weight to off set the energy of the curl resulting in less pulling and stress for the stylist creating a smooth finish.

Consider coarse curly long hair, to be straightened this is usually achieved with a larger diameter brush 70mm and a weight of 150g proves to be a good balance.

Fine -Medium-Coarse hair a medium size 56mm with a weight of 100 g proves to be a good all around weight for curling and smoothing. The weight is for smoothing but also light enough for curling.

Short or long hair, or for long hair to be wound into curls a small  37mm with a weight of 60 g proves to be a good balanced weight.

A BALANCED WEIGHT of a brush makes it much easier when using it several times a day on both the arm & wrist.

The science behind TOTAL BALANCE is when the you balance the weight,and the shape. Unfortunately many brushes today do not address these features.

Hotheads hair brushes meet the "Physics between HEAD, HEAT, HAIR & HAND"

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