To Blow Dry or Fry Dry that is the question?

The flat iron has become a house hold appliance not unlike the iron you use on your clothes. The flat iron is instant gratification to straighten DEAD straight which often appears to look like a DRY CLEANER finish and the results can be devastating. You see this on the street everywhere. If you add color to this scenario it's even Double the Damage. Yeaks! 

The latest addition is the Hot Styling Brush it seems to be most effective to refinish the style on the second day. It's not effective in making kinky curly hair straight especially in the root area. Does it only add to more breakage? Time will tell.

Blow drying hair is still the most reliable method but you must choose the right brush.


To maintain Physically Fit smooth hair you only need a brush and a hair dryer.

The  ENFORCER / MR SMOOTHY and SPEED BRUSH  are designed with a 3D BRISTLE PATTERN® to organize the hair smoothly on the brush and prevent tangling.

The shape is designed to focus the air flow to control frizz and reduce drying time reducing heat damage. It's BALANCED for easy handling.

Proven to give superior smoother finishes. Remember USE A NOZZLE on the dryer it makes a difference.


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