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Patti Coyne & Michael Victor

Super healthy hair isn't always the easiest to style. Hair condition for best styling is CONTROLLED DAMAGE.

The basics FINE hair thickness is measured  between 30/ 60 microns MEDIUM thickness is measured between 60/ 90 microns COARSE hair measures between 90/ 120 microns.

The hair is composed of Cuticle layers, Cortical fibers and a Medulla (in most cases) making up the 3 structures within the hair.

This has nothing to do with density of the  hair that's hairs per square inch.

Can you break hair YES you can if you abuse enough.

Hair is 10 times the tensile strength of steel at the same diameter so you have to work very hard to break it.

WET HAIR will stretch 50% of it's length.  

DRY HAIR will stretch 20% of it's length

Hair is 97% protein & 3% trace elements

DAMAGE: there are only 3 types: 

CHEMICAL: Perms, Straighteners, Color,High lights and Low lights.

MECHANICAL: Heat Styling ,poor cutting technique's and incorrect selection  of Brushes,Combs used and Aggressive Styling Techniques.

SYSTEMIC Conditions: Medical or Heredity.

To be continued our next post we will look at CONTROLLED DAMAGE to fine, medium, course and bipolar hair.

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