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For years tooth brushes hairbrushes and even shaving razors both men and women’s have all had a stick straight back bone and the functional part has been placed on the end either bristles or blades.

At some point the shape of the tools were changed to the curvature of the hand creating a place of balance to hold the tool enhancing the performance.

The first to explore this  were tooth brush manufacturers found  by just by tweaking the body shape it helped to improve the health of out teeth and gums by allowing the bristles to angle correctly for massaging the gums and cleaning the teeth more efficiently by conforming to the shape of the hand while creating a position for the fingers to have complete control of the brush head and it’s action.


The razor manufacturing companies redesigned the handle to conform to the hand and created a texture at the position where the finger grooves are placed, as well as allowing the blades to pivot slightly also improved the performance of the razor.

It appears by creating a design to contour the shape of the hand and creating a place to hold the tool with the fingers creates balance and comfort.

                                                     SHAPE MATTERS


HOTHEADS® Hair Brushes have addressed these concepts in a hair brush considering one of the single biggest issues the industry faces, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can be both prevented and managed by simply changing the shape used in the common paddle brush. That means changing the backbone shape to conform to the hand shape by bending it in a soft ”S” form then adding a position where the person shifts their hand slightly foreword of the handle and above the lower pad area where the best-balanced position is  on a Paddle style brush.


                                                   SHAPE MATTERS







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