The ENFORCER aka Mr Smoothy 56mm size
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm
The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm

The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy 56mm

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The ENFORCER The power to smooth Jan 2nd 2022 - YouTube




When you need extreme control for unruly frizzy hair


Your Styling Brush and Bristles do 80% of the work when blow drying , WHY NOT have a brush that offers more. 


                                                     56mm size  BEST IN BRUSH®

         The ENFORCER / Mr SMOOTHY   By HOTHEADS® Hairbrushes

         The ENFORCER / Mr SMOOTHY   By HOTHEADS® Hairbrushes



          When you need Extra Control for Thick Curly Unruly hair.                               

EXTREME SMOOTHING / Work Smarter not Harder, let the brush do the work.

The ENFORCER Mr. SMOOTHY unlike other round styling brushes will give you Ultimate control while being gentle on your hair and scalp, damage free styling.

  • Our unique  3D BRISTLE PATTERN™ features 3 types of bristles.
  • A “V” shaped double pinned Firm Nylon with Domed tips Maximize penetration.
  • Black/ White natural boar bristles, black for adjusting tension and white for unrivalled surface shine.
  • Hair floats on a cushion of bristles avoiding direct contact from a HOT barrel surface preventing heat damage.
  • Patented CAPTIVE ENDS™ (Concentrators) by design heats as efficiently as a metal barreled brush without the damaging effects.
  • Our patented THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™ is a coating which helps to MODERATE HEAT between the CAPTIVE ENDS® and results in 30% faster cooling, saving time and strengthening the style.
  • Simply DROP & DRAG for a SMOOTH frizz free finish. Less pressure is BEST.

Keep in mind a LIGHTER TOUCH is all that is needed. If you tend to use more grip or tension holding this brush it will really grip the hair. So LIGHTEN UP. Always start drying from the roots to the ends when smoothing.       

This brush is an Interactive Styling Brush™ concept  capturing Air Flow and Heat from the hair dryer, compressing both using it in a more efficient way to speed up daring time. and reduce heat damage. In combination with our patented Thermal Conductive Technology™ moderates Heat, Hot Spots and cools 30% faster. Leaving you with healthier shinier hair.     

                                               Superior Smoothing, "Your Hair Matters™.

                                                 SKIP the FLAT IRON!

The Enforcer / Mr. Smoothy a smoothing brush unlike other round styling brushes ultimate control for smoothing on difficult frizzy unruly hair.



 "Amazing Product !!!!! its so nice to actually purchase something that actually do what it says it's going to do. Love my hair don't need the iron. Telling all my friends."   Judy May 2021


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