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7 FEATURES in creating an EXCITING styling EXPERIENCE


It's not just SHINE, It's PLUS 

Our  unique GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristles™ design.

NYLON creates beautiful surface textures with both highs and low lights as well as detangling wet or dry hair.

BLACK BOAR  a firmer tension allows for more control plus adding a natural soft shine.

WHITE BOAR  with a softer tension adds extreme high gloss shine.




.Our GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristles™ positions the hair to sit on a cushion of bristles preventing direct contact with the hot barrel surface while allowing air to flow above and below the hair helping to prevent scorching/heat damage.

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Our NEW THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY combined with CAPTIVE ENDS ™ ( concentrators) heat faster then conventional materials.

Refocusing both AIR and HEAT from the core REFRACTING HEAT back from under the hair section speeding up drying time. Note HEAT is only part of the full function of the styling process. You will need LESS HEAT when using this NEW technology reducing damage,improving the quality of the hair.

 More info on Heating Faster

COOLS FASTER  (No one does this)

Another property of our THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY™, is it's ability to REFRACT HEAT which allows it to COOL FASTER, COOLING is never discussed BUT  it's the only element that SETS the shape in Hair.  It's the  balance of CONTROLLING AIR FLOW addressing both heating and cooling for fast drying, stronger setting  and healthier hair. Just like High performance cars we use controlled air flow to enhance the experience while drying hair and preserving the health.

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 BALANCE in a brush,can prevent fatigue and prevent problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before they occur. 

Designing a brush which reduces the stress on the wrist and arms while styling  hair should be a priority.

By creating a shaped area where the user can hold the brush improving the balance, will reduce the stress and  ultimately help reduce the fatigue. Just look at other items which have embraced this concept like tooth brushes and razors shaped to enhance the performance and experience for the user.

Both of these tools are shaped to improve the hold  and performance.

This image shows by altering the shape, moving the hold forward between the handle and pad for a better BALANCE, PERFORMANCE and EXPERIENCE.



Connecting the Hot Air Flow from the dryer with the brush seems to be a more efficient approach, CONTROLLING AIR FLOW  not only reduces drying time but also the damaging effects of too much heat.

As DYSON has explored controlled air flow  from the delivery portion they miss the connection between the dryer and the brush both need to be working in harmony for efficiency.

 FOCUSED AIR FLOW and the effect of wrapping the air around a brush.


Concepts used in  aircraft wing design, aerospace, and high end sports cars.




Both stylists and clients have experienced awful tangling at some point.

Our CAPTIVE ENDS™ eliminates this problem. by preventing the hair slipping off the ends and knotting.