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Community Partnerships

Hotheads Hairbrushes are proud to support a cause that nationally empowers communities to help keep shorelines clean called the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Started in 1994, the cleanup established when volunteers and employees from the Vancouver Aquarium came together to clean up a beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver. Fast Track to 2003, the program has more than 20000+ volunteers taking part, with support growing as people became more aware of the harmful effects of shoreline litter on ecosystems, wildlife and people.

 Founders of Hotheads Hairbrushes, Patti & Michael Coyne, are part of this national network of cleanup volunteers and took part in cleaning up Mud Creek Fall 2016 in their home city Toronto, Ontario. Michael and Patti have decided to spread the word about the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Please view this website for more information on how easy it can be to lead a cleanup in your area, as well as enjoy the beauty of our shorelines, anywhere land connects to water.