Purchased my hotheads hairbrushes for the second time in my career.  I got my first medium size and small size round speed brushes many many years ago. They lasted me forever!  I always had a hard time with round brushes until these. I tried so many, and I they never worked well for me. I’m so happy I found the hotheads brushes. I bought a new small speed, brush, and a large. And for the medium, I am trying the enforcer. My old ones are actually still good. But I had a client that wanted a small one, so I decided to order some new ones for myself.

I couldn’t be happier with this brush. 40 years  as a hairstylist and this is the only round brush I will use.



Denise Campbell

April 2024




Review Aug 23/ 23 by J.E.











Brad July 2022 The ENFORCER aka Mr. SMOOTHY

July 2022












"I LOVE using the GROOMING PADDLE PLUS it keeps my hair very soft as my hair tends to be coarse and frizzy yet is Gentle on my scalp and my hair feels very smooth after using it. I will recommend this to all my friends and I give you a 10 out of 10 ."


May 2021



















































A Review from Michelle Lake of BLACK HAIR NATURAL PRODUCTS






 Aug 3rd 2020

Hair Quencher Mask "I have been coloring my hair for a number of years, and   the color always runs on the towels and stains the pillow cases. Since using the Hair Quencher Mask I don't experience this problem anymore. Thank you ".

Suzie Q

June 28th 2020

Hair Quencher Mask and  90% Humidity Solution. Review

"I have been using these products for a couple weeks now, and really like them!

I have pretty curly hair which frizzes more often than not.

I used the mask under the dryer as a treatment when I first got it.

It smoothed and moisturized my hair! It actually felt soft!

Since then I have used it in the shower as a co-wash and actually leave most of it in with just a quick rinse.

There is NO heavy feeling or coated feeling.

The 90% is a gel type product that I put on afterwards. I have been distributing it with a wide tooth comb.

It feels great, with lots of slip. I am for sure getting less frizz.

I have yet to try it without another firmer gel on top, because I am so close to the ocean and really this time of year, I need all the help i can get.

One of these days soon, I will try the 90% Solution on it's own.

I definitely recommend these Hair and Skin Essential products.

Patti and Michael of HOTHEADS brushes, are a pleasure to do business with.

The products came thru Canada Post but were wrapped well enough to come via carrier pigeon. ( Haven't seen better)."

Janice T


June  2020

“Love my Hotheads hair brushes… never use any other brush. My blowouts are fast and easy!”

Kathy Stylist



June 15th 2020

Frazer’s comment ‘With these brushes practice makes better, the brush itself makes the finish Perfect”

Frazer  Stylist.


May 24th 2020


"These brushes are amazing. I also purchased the Grooming Paddle brush. Love the feel when I am brushing my hair. My hair looks great after using either brush. Seems to *tame* the hair Highly recommend both brushes."

Also great customer service.

Patty H


The best hair brush for all hair types

May 1 2020

"What separates good hair from great hair is a great hair brush that's exactly what this is. I can't stop touching my hair after using this brush as they feel soft and look beautiful. What I love the most is how effortless and painless it is to use this brush. The brush just glides on your hair when you use it for styling or detangling, it has been a total game changer for me as I  suffered from breakage, however the 3D speed brush has made life so simple. Trust me when I say this, I have used all sorts of brushes in the past and nothing made my hair look healthy and beautiful , until I came across this. I have been recommending this to everyone as I am just so happy with the results."



April 27th 2020

11 Best round brushes for blowouts 2020



April 2020

"This brush has allowed me to smooth some of the hardest hair to straighten, no flat iron or straightening iron required."

Marko  T.


April 2020

"Hey there! Just reaching out. We love your brushes and my daughter Roxanna loves them!"

Chris B.


 March 24th 2020 5 star

The most amazing hairs brush i have ever used in my life !

I am writing about this life changing hair brush called the grooming paddle plus by Hot Heads Hair Brushes that I used lately and needless to say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. My hair feels different , no more breakage as it detangles your hair seamlessly and smoothly , I used to dread brushing my hair in the mornings earlier because it would break my heart to see the amount of hair loss and breakage my earlier hair brushes caused , but this has changed things for me completely , my hair feel young vibrant and so full of life , I see a different shine in my hair that no amount of serum or leave in conditioners can bring . I am in love with it , what a well thought product, great design! A closer look shows you the amount of work that has been done in creating this magical brush , so much attention is paid to each minute detail . Love it!!Cant wait to explore more of your products .


 February 29th 2020



January 07-2020 


January 2020

Daniela Review 2020 Speed Brush



Jennifer Sept 2019


Aimee F.   Oct 1rst 2019 


Aimee F. Oct 1rst 2019


Mike C -     Oct 1rst     2019


September  5   2019

"With 10000000% honestly & Integrity, your brushes are literally the best I've EVER used".


Stylist Arlene P

JULY 17th 2019

"After having bought a Speedy Brush (that I love so much for drying my hair!), I bought your Grooming Paddle Brush to maintain my straight (no frizz!) hair between washes.    I especially love the way it massages my   scalp! :) Thank you for your great products!


JUN 11th 2019 

"LOVE this brush it's the only one my daughter lets me use on her hair.It gives a wonderful massage and the bristles are Gentle"


Hi Patti and Michael

"I have been a 3D brush fanatic for over 8 years.....These brushes have taught me how to blow-dry my hair straight with no fuss and in a very short period of time. Best brushes ever"

Thank you

Daniela    05-01-2019


May 1/ 2019


I am not a BIG fan of brushing my hair as most of the brushes hurt my head and scalp. I am Loving the SPEEDY BRUSH sooo much that I can not stop brushing my hair.I love how it feels on my head and the fact it massages my scalp too. Must have item !!!"


Ellie T


March 7th 2019


 BRUSH BUZZ Jan 28 2019    Catherine

"Hello received 2 of your HOTHEADS HAIR BRUSHES yesterday and tried them last night- They are *GREAT* indeed."


"Of course you may use my comment. You may also add to it if you wish, that they are comfortable, handleable, especially for a non-professional hair-dresser, like myself.... No struggle to grasp hair & Twirl.

Shoulder length hair w/ Layers."

BRUSH BUZZ  Jan 15th 2019

A little story from Calgary, Stylist Frazer V.

Salon Hair,Skin,Body

"I had to use the ENFORCER/Mr SMOOTHY for this one"

" She couldn't believe that I didn't have to use a straight iron,all just brush work."


BRUSH BUZZ  Hotheads hair brushes 

Jan 3rd 2019


Jan 1 2019



Dec 19-2018

"I've just been in love with this brush. It really makes my hair silkier. i am blown away,because my hair is very thin and i used to look like i had been electrocuted, no kidding! I feel like it even helped reduce my dandruff. I't really a great brush".


DEC 13th 2018


"LOVE LOVE LOVE For years Iv'e spent hours blow-drying and straightening, followed by globs of smoothing creams and finishing oils to try and tame my bleached blonde hair. As someone who is not very good with round brushes, I'm so happy to finally have a brush that is light weight, easy to handlle and most important super gentle. My blow-dry time has been cut in half, and I'm finding myself using the straightener less and less".

"My hair has never been this shiny,or smooth! Thank you so much for he best brush I've ever used!!"

Bianca P


BRUSH BUZZ       SEPTEMBER 13th 2018

A review of 90% Anti Humidity Solution and our Hair Quencher Mask.

From Michelle Lake.



JULY 28-18



Ola Tropical Apothecary Passion Fruit Sugar Polish, Mana Pure & Potent Moisturizer and After Sun Healing Remedy


JULY 23 -2018




JUNE   29th 2018



BRUSH BUZZ   JUNE 29th 2018

More @ https://heavy.com/beauty/2018/06/10-best-round-brushes-for-blowouts-which-is-right-for-you/

The whole story:https://heavy.com/beauty/2018/06/10-best-round-brushes-for-blowouts-which-is-right-for-you/

June 2018    Sophisticate's  HAIRSTYLEGUIDE

April 2018 contest  

SMOOTH MOVE: Hothead's Mr SMOOTHY aka The ENFORCER hair brush features a 3D bristle pattern to help stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils from the roots to the ends. the bristles are set up so that your hair doesn't touch the hot barrel to prevent heat damage when styling.


June 26th 2018               Moncia M

"I have thick, wavy hair, which takes much longer to blow dry with a regular brush. The Hotheads brush cuts the time in half. With a regular brush, I need to use product to calm the frizziness, but don't need to use any product when i use the Hotheads brush. If I want to add a bit of curl to the ends but also want the rest of my hair straightened ( for a feathered type of look), I use the same brush... my Hotheads brush. That's it.

I love it so much, I gave one to 3 of my friends/ neighbors to try.

I wish I would have gotten my Hotheads  Speed brush sooner. Now, I won't style without it".

June 13th 2018 Review                        Elizabeth D

"So far I'm blown away by the brush It is  separates my hair well and making it silkier !"


 June 25 2018 

#BeautyFinds | Five Summer Beauty Essentials Under $15

JUNE 25 2018


get summer ready with Ola after sun lotion and Hothead's mini brush

June 25-2018  Review Alicia L

I received the Hotheads " the ENFORCER/ Mr SMOOTHY" hair brush a few weeks ago and have been comparing it to a few round brushes of different sizes and bristle types that I previously used.

My goal when blow drying my hair is to get my hair smoother and straight, instead of adding more volume/body. I have long hair with a lot of volume that gets frizzy if it is not blown out with the right tools.

Grip on hair- What I love most about this brush is it can actually grip and hold on to large amounts of hair at once, making it easier to hold the blow dryer in one hand and the brush in the another and cover large sections at once. The "Drop and Drag" effect that this brush boasts is real! I cannot use other brushes for an entire blow dry because they don't hold onto my hair like this.

Size - The (medium) size of the brush makes it very easy to handle, and worked surprisingly well with my long hair.

Bristles - The mixed bristle added shine without having to add any extra oils/products to my hair.

I will continue to use this brush regularly when I want my hair to be straight and smooth! It's a lot easier to use than other brushes.

Thank You

May 2018

Beauty Products to Take Along This Summer | DC on Heels



March 2018

Frazer Voloshin 

Curious Salon Calgary Alberta


"I would have to say that the HOTHEADS paddle brush is quintessential for almost all my blow dry starts. After Ii rough dry a portion of the moisture from the hair first,how much depends on the texture and curl pattern. I use it for wrap drying the scalp area straight on very curly hair, that and creating a natural direction in the hair so there is no define part. This is for the person that likes to flip their hair into what ever direction they choose all day long. I love it for creating smooth length's and base volume on all my shoulder length or shorter bobs. Wrap drying with it; using the head shape to create the smooth bend and roll under is so much easier, no need for the round brush to come out."



DEC 22 2017 Debbie Mc 

"This is the best brush ever. It is worth every penny.

My hair is fine and easily looses body or can become frizzy or fly away.

This brush not only cuts drying time in half but leaves my hair smooth and shiny, reducing or eliminating the need for a hot iron.

Even with my limited skills with dryer and brush my hair has never been so easy to care for or look so good.

Thanks to my stylist for recommending the brush and THANKS to Hot Heads for developing it!!"

Nov 17-2017   Frazer V

‘Love the Enforcer Mr Smoothy its’s the best round brush I’ve used in 23 years.

It’s made me  that much better at what I do.”



Dec 09-17

"Your Brushes are the BEST I've ever used, 22 years as a hair stylist. I'm glad I found Mr SMOOTHY / The ENFORCER and the other SPEED BRUSHES.  Thank You for setting me on a renewed path".

Marko T

Reviving the Tradition of Glamorous Healthy Hair with HYBRID technologies

Reviving the Tradition of Glamorous Healthy Hair with HYBRID Technologies


NOV 15-2017

A great brush is an often overlooked beauty gift idea. The HOTHEADS' Dynamic Duo includes their popular Grooming Paddle Plus which is ideal for styling and drying and the MINI-G which is the perfect travel brush. These brushes do a lot more than detangle your hair. The raised pads gently massage and stimulate the hair



Oct  18-2017  Frazer V

"I find with the Enforcer that I have that much more control over the hair,no matter what size of section I take. The blue nylon bristles guide the hair effortlessly, while the boar hair smooths the hair to a polished finished.

I don't have to worry about the hair being grabbed by bottoms bristles while wrapping, tangles and knotting virtually eliminated.

I can create a strong curl or wave pattern in the hair.

I just need to pick the right product,and brush techniques for the job.

Never worry about brush choice again, the Enforcer just works."




  •  GirlyGirl 

GirlGirl blog is in love with the MiniG brush for the Summer!
Read more here -> Summer Hair Tips



    for Feminine Files

Next, I have this nifty little brush that will be your dry shampoo’s BFF. The Hotheads Mini G was specifically designed for bask brushing, which helps create volume and distribute the dry shampoo evenly. To use with your favorite dry shampoo, lift up hair at the roots using the Mini G and spray powder into the root area. Wait 1-2 minutes for the oil to absorb into the powder, then brush throughly. The natural boar bristles help dislodge the oil soaked powder, while also assign shine and smoothness to the surface of the hair. I also like using this for my regular hair brushing needs, and it’s a great size for keeping in my purse!




    As a busy Stylist behind the chair and Educator, I wanted to say thanks for creating a tool that makes my day easier and my work that much better. With perfect balance, they feel very comfortable to hold. Speed is important with out compromising the finish look, I can achieve quicker drying time with smoothness and incredibly shine.

    My clients comfort is also extremely important  so with no hair tangling in the handle I never have to worry that the hair is getting caught.

    These are just a few points that I look for and have found in your brushes.

    Keep up the great work and thank you once again.

    A Fan from day one,

    •  Gary Chowen  Using a HotHeads Hair Brush is like having a 3rd hand !




      • Albie Mulcahy     I'm loving the feel of it in my hands as well as the smooth finish I get.     




      Fan Post  Jessica Rotoli 


      Hotheads Grooming Brush






      "I absolutely love the brush and wouldn't hesitate to order from you again or recommend you to someone else"

      LINDA B      


                                The GROOMING PADDLE PLUS

      I must tell you the brush that I have the full sized brush with the 3 kinds of bristles is working phenomenally and my daughter will not use anything else.

      Stuart L 

       The SPEED BRUSH

      The first brush to grab my attention.

      Amazing Control and  Polished Finish.

      Starting to have some fun again with my blow drying.




      My hair is very fine and gets knotty during the night, brushing from the bottom inside layers first works really well detangling my hair is much easier for me.

      I love the massage and feel , especially having long hair.

      Thanks I really love it

      Patricia M

      "Used your brush yesterday with my smoothing treatment, I really like the grip.

      The tension is great.

      My client even noticed the way your brush went through the hair."





      Patricia Lyn Laas

      Beverly Hills Ca

      "The Design features in this brush from the combination of Boar & Nylon bristles & the unique barrel shape provide a foolproof & easy way to achieve the right tension, shine and control"

      Beni Sicilla

      Blowdry Lounge Inc.


      "I really like the way hotheads brushes work for my clients. 
      I find that they smooth out the thickest, and curliest of locks, or give volume to the finest strands. 
      The hair sits on a cushion of boar brittle, this aids in smoothing and adds shine. The flexible nylon brittles hold and guide the hair with ease. The section is held slightly off the barrel by the boar, creating excellent air flow around the hair for both heating and cooling. 
      They make achieving todays beautiful looks faster for me, without the usual round brush tension and fatigue. 
      My clients noticed the difference too."

      Frazer Voloshin
      Mane House of Hair




      Hotheads Hair Brushes Mini G Small Paddle Brush is perfect for your purse and travel bag! Check out what we think on lola's secret beauty blog! #HotheadsHairBrushes #MiniGSmallPaddleBrush #haircare #HairBrush #review #ontheblog #presssample J9PR #bbloggers #bblogger #beauty #beautybloggers #beautyblogger #lolassecret #lolassecretbeautyblog #lolaseicento 

      Hotheads Helps You Navigate the Sometimes Confusing World of Hairbrushes


      Toronto, Canada– April 2017 – Craving luscious, shiny Kim Kardashian hair, but all you seem to eek out is something akin to Cousin It? Don’t blame your shampoo or styling products. Simply put: you could be using the wrong hairbrush. The experts at Hotheads, the premier hairbrush line developed by stylists with over 50 years of experience of addressing a variety of haircare needs, share their tips on picking the perfect brush for your specific hair needs



      Aug 17

      "I have been enjoying the brushes very much and using them both on a daily basis. I use my MINI-G along with my own body dry brush as a head to toe exfoliation to keep my skin and hair follicles clear and healthy.

      I love the grooming paddle for everyday- it has a great grip and keeps my hair shiny and smooth. A good brush is worth the investment."

      Thank you

      Laura D

      Products You Need For Your Gym Bag

      best products for your gym bag

      Gym Bag products are a must! I am one of those girls who doesn’t like to shower at any class I take, or gym I go to and sometimes you can’t after hiking.  It essential to have products that will hold you over until you get home to shower.  In LA, everyone wants to take a class together or hike and then go for coffee or juice after.  These products can take you from looking like a sweaty mess to a fresh natural beauty.  Even if you go out to lunch after, I won’t tell anyone you haven’t showered.

      Here are some products that you need right now.

      A bag to keep it all in, I have a hard time finding cute makeup bags, Crimes of Beauty has fun ones that you’ll love.  GLAM AF is made out of canvas and is light weight so it’s perfect to leave in your car, gym bag or handbag. Find it here, Crimes of Beauty. I try not to over do it with dry shampoo so I have been using these frizz sheets by Nunzio Saviano after I give my hair a quick brush with this mini brush from Hot Heads Hairbrush.  I love how small this brush is and it has a mix of boar bristles and synthetic bristles that will help remove excess oil and debris from your hair. You can get it here, Hot Heads. The anti-frizz sheets are amazing you can carry them in your bag, they are great for quick touch-ups, to give your hair some extra shine, I also love them for traveling. Find them here, Nunzio Saviano. I do have to wash my face at a class so if I take a hot yoga, or cycle class and sweat a lot my face is what feels the worst.  I like using PUR’s Joystick, it is a face wash/exfoliator stick so it won’t spill or make a mess in your bag if it opens.  It’s great for travel, your gym bag or at home.  It’s so easy to use and leaves your face feeling clean. You can get it here, PUR. After I wash my face, I like using Erborian CC Cream it’s a radiance face cream that has SPF25, it’s a great daily face cream.  It helps hide fine lines and flaws on your face, it is hydrating and leaves you looking radiant. With time, this cream will help tone your face and fade fine lines. Get it here, Erborian. One thing you must have is Yuni’s Flash Bath, I wish I had an endless supply of these.  It is a no rinse body cleanser.  It foams up and cleans off sweat, dirt and odor.  It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky just clean.  It’s amazing.  It has some antibacterial extracts that help cleanse you when you can’t get to a shower after working out. find it here, Yuni Flash Bath.  I don’t use deodorant that often because I never really needed it but when I go to a class that I know I will be working out hard in I always put one on just in case.  I am obsessed with Eau des Minimes not only because I love the packaging but I love that it is free of alcohol, aluminium and it smells so good. Get it here, Eau Des Minimes. So acne on your body can happen and if you don’t shower right after the gym it’s more likely that you can get acne on your body.  To prevent that you need to get Glytone’s Acne Treatment Spray.  I get a few dry oil spots on my back if I don’t shower right away and I know some of my friends get it on their chest.  This spray will help stop that, you can spray it on your back, shoulders, chest, anywhere on your body that you might break out. Find it here, Glytone. Finally, if you take a class or hike or just push your self extra at the gym you need to get Yuni’s Chillax it’s a muscle recovery for after you work out.  It’s a roller ball so you can apply it easily and it will do wonders for your muscles.  Get it here, Yuni.

      SIMPLY the BEST MAGAZINE   2017




       September 7/2017


      I received my new paddle brush today I love it and I also have the Mr Smoothy brush and I love that as well.

      Now my question is, the large Speed Brush does it have the same technology and lightness as the Mr Smoothy?


      To answer your question, the large Speed Brush is a slightly heavier , but does contain the same  Thermal Conductive Technology.



      The bristle is the same boar BLK & WH but the nylon is a single pin and is dipped on the end.



      This combination of bristles used is an all round brush for fine to thick hair of various textures.



      MR SMOOTHY is designed for coarser unruly hair types.







      HOW to be a REDHEAD September 2017














      " I have been using and enjoying my new round brush and would like to offer this feed back:

      I love my new round brush! it smooths my long hair and never tangles. It gives me the perfect bends with ease."

      Laura D Nov 2017

       This is the best brush ever.it is worth every penny.

      My hair is fine and easily looses body or can become frizzy or fly away.

      This brush not only cuts drying time in half but leaves my hair smooth and shiny,reducing or eliminating the need for hot iron.

      Even with my limited skills with with dryer and brush my hair has never been so easy to care for or looked so good.

      Thanks to my stylist for recommending the brush and THANKS to Hot Heads for developing it!!

      Debbie Mc  DEC 22 -2017