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Gym Bag products are a must! I am one of those girls who doesn't like to shower at any class I take,or gym I go to and sometimes you can't after hiking. It essential to have products that will hold you over until you get home to shower. In LA, everyone wants to take a class together or hike and then go for coffee or juice after.

These products can take you from looking like a sweaty mess to a fresh natural beauty. Even if you go out to lunch after, I won't tell anyone you haven't showered. Here are some products you need right now. A bag to keep it all in,I have a hard time finding cute makeup bags, Crimes of beauty has fun ones that you'll love.




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Beauty Gifts for the trendsetters on your list


A great brush is an often overlooked beauty gift. The HOTHEADS DYNAMIC DUO includes their popular Grooming Paddle Plus, which is ideal for styling and he MINI-G which is the perfect travel brush,These brushes do a lot more than detangle your hair. The raised pads gently massage and stimulate the scalp,too


NOV 28th 2017

Gym Bag Staples - My Latest Obsessions Krasey FitBeauty



NOV 28th 2017



Sometimes,I have no time to wash my hair after a particularly grueling workout. Enter my beloved dry shampoo,and the HOTHEADS MINI-G brush that effortlessly works the aforementioned dry shampoo into my hair.I love that it's tiny,and I love that it works! No more trying to blend and work dry shampoo into my hair with my fingers.


NOV 28th 2017

Covet-Worthy Beauty & Household Must Haves for the Holidays

HOTHEADS SPEED BRUSH ($24.29 - $41.29 from HOTHEADS Hairbrush): This round brush features a slight diagonal bristle pattern that alternates Black Boar hair,White Boar hair and a flexible nylon bristle,and it effectively detangles hair, and is a very effective tool for blow outs.

According to HOTHEADS

A favorite of salon professional's the SPEED BRUSH collection offers the perfect tools for fine,normal to thick and chemically treated hair.Their patented shape has 3 major benefits: focuses air flow to speed up drying time: helps prevent the hair from tangling: and organizes the sections of hair for easier blow drying.One type of bristle gives you shine but 3 types offer triple the shine factor.The hair floats over the bristles helping to prevent heat damage.

Using a 3D Bristle Pattern (Black Boar for control and tension: White Boar for polish and shine:and flexible Nylon for penetration), HOTHEADS Speed Brush also uses Thermal Conductive Technology for faster heating and cooling. The mineral compound heats to a top temperature in as little as 18 seconds. This helps speed drying time by 50-60 percent but it's the cooling that actually sets the hair - leaving you with a gorgeous mane in less time.

The SPEED BRUSH collection helps create Volume, curls or a smooth,sleek finish.Will not tangle in the hair due to the design of the barrel/head of the brush. you'll also experience less damage and color fading-leaving hair with a professional like finish.


NOV 28th 2018


HOTHEADS The Grooming Paddle Plus Hair Brush ($24.24 for the Large Paddle and $19.50 for the MINI-G from HOTHEADS): I seldom blow out my hair ,but I do use these brushes nearly on a daily basis.I carry the MINI-G in my travel bag, and have the Large one next to my sink for ease use. The Bristles are firm enough to message the scalp, untangle knots,and of course to effectively style the hair for blow outs.

According to HOTHEADS,

Designed for blow drying styling& grooming Features the unique 3D Bristle Pattern available in all Professional HOTHEADS Hair Brushes Balanced finger grips position allows Maximum Performance"S" shaped Handle creates ease & Balanced 2 image-3. Regular use of the Paddle Brush helps improve MICRO CIRCULATION and the quality and Health of the hair and scalp.




 DEC 01-2017



 NOV 30th 2017