Thinning Hair why is this happening to me and what to look for?

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Thinning hair why is this happening to me, and what to look for? 

Even in your mid, late teens, and early 20’s you can experience changes in the density and texture of your hair. Here are some things to consider if this applies to you.

There are 3 categories that can cause thinning hair.

  1. Mechanical damage is when you use extremely HOT tools including hair-dryers, curling/ flat irons daily. Poorly maintained combs, hair brushes and tools used by your stylist that are not properly managed. Even cutting tools can cause this type of damage.

All of the above will create weaker hair and possibly breakage if not kept in check this can result in spot thinning (not to be confused with alopecia in its various forms) and or loss of density. This can be reversed or even managed.

  1. Chemical damage includes bleaching, coloring, perming, relaxing, straightening and perming, this can be reversed and managed.
  2. Systemic includes both Hereditary and Reactionary. Hereditary can be attributed to your genetics. Reactionary can be attributed to Diet, Environmental, Stress, Hormonal conditions, or Medications These can be managed with professional guidance from a dietitian, homeopath, nutritionist, stylist or doctor.


One extremely damaging idea is to have your split ends singed buy a flame in order to seal split ends, this may sound great but does NOT work with hair. What happens is the flame produces gasses which travel up the Medulla (a hollow core in the hair shaft) and penetrate up the internal structure and then damage the fiber from the inside out. This may sound intriguing, but never allow anyone to use a flame near your hair.


A guide for Choosing the right shampoo for thinning hair.

What you may be missing when DETANGLING and CONDITIONING DAMAGED or THINNING hair

Let’s look at how to manage MECHANICAL DAMAGE that causes thinning, this can be reversed rather quickly by finding the correct shampoo, re constructive treatments which can be effective within 3 treatments.

 If you like using hair ties and barrettes be sure they are not broken and or too tightly applied as they can result in breakage.

 Inspect all your styling tools to be sure they are in good working condition. Most damage is caused by poorly maintained hair dryers, check the  dust cap of your dryer if it is choked with lint and debris it then gets hotter and restricts the air flow and can result in  one side of the barrel to reach very high temperatures which will burn hair and brushes though the other side may only reach temperatures which are too low to dry the hair efficiently. Excessive heat has also been noted by dermatologists to cause skin irritations as well.

CHEMICAL DAMAGE, yes, we all like to dabble in chemical services, but you must talk to your stylist if you are experiencing any changes in your hair. Don't forget to let your stylist know if you have recently started taking medication even allergy medication as it can affect the outcome of a chemical service. It may not happen immediately but may take 2 or 3 services to see the changes in your hair. A perm service can be tricky at best be sure your stylist is well skilled if you consider this service.

SYSTEMIC simply meaning damage from within, which can be post pregnancy, medications and hormonal changes. The best thing is to check with your doctor for this category.

Gently brushing your hair and scalp daily can be the simplest and most effective approach to address thinning hair. It seems most of us think the reverse, if the hair is fragile, we don't brush, but it does help with blood flow (micro circulation) to the root of the hair which stimulates hair growth and density. What ever falls out will soon be replaced with new healthier hair. The cycle has 3 parts, Anagen (new hair stage of growth) consists of new hairs and grows quickly usually shorter. Next is the Catagen stage this is a slow dormant stage and the longest of this cycle. Finally, the Telogen stage which is the dying stage when this stage is noticed hair is shedding making room for the new Anagen bulb and the cycle continues. Note the brush you use is extremely important for this routine. Please view


One thing which can confirm a possible problem is to check you nails, vertical lines are usually common but if you see horizontal lines this may be a notification something has disrupted the grow and may be systemic.


In most cases thinning can be reversed or managed but don't just sit back and let it happen, be proactive and address it as soon as you see any changes.


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