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Most people believe it’s their HAIRBRUSH that causes static but it’s a combination of elements that create those frustrating flyaways.

Brushes generally don’t create static in the hair, Damage and Dryness, (Dehydration) are conditions for Static often caused by the Environment, Products and Styling tools.


 Static is more common in drier conditions. Dryness can be internal, external or both. Damaged hair exhibits more negative charges therefore more potential for flyaways / static.  Ever notice your hair always looks great for a short time after styling, though in a matter of hours may appear limp while it dehydrates, and the hair becomes statically charged.

What to avoid in you shampoos, conditioners and styling products:


STOP using volumizing shampoos in drier environments.

STOP using deep cleansing shampoos or use very occasionally, especially on damaged or finer hair.

START using hydrating, moisturizing, or color treated shampoos with a lower PH.


START looking for these keywords Emollients, Lipids, Oils, Moisturizing agents, and Color Safe formulas.

START using Conditioners and or Reconstructors with a LOW PH listed between 2.6 -3.7 HP.

START looking for Wheat or Rice proteins in your conditioners as they are light weight and less drying.

Styling products:

AVOID products that contain drying Alcohols or heavy silicones.


AVOID   High temperatures when styling, hair dryers that feature negative ion technologies will only help so much if your dryer is very hot as it will dehydrate your hair, resulting in FLYAWAYS AND STATIC. Just look at your styling brush if the bristles look burnt, discolored or if nylon is misshaped this is a WARNING your dryer is TOO HOT. 


Chemical Services:

Be aware All Chemical Services including Color, Bleaching, Perms, and Straightening services will create increased porosity making hair easier to DEHYDRATE the perfect conditions for STATIC.


The suggestions above will keep you IN CHARGE of the STATIC SWITCH.

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