DO YOU HAVE A SICK HAIR DRYER? How to reduce HEAT DAMAGE to your HAIR Updated OCT 2022

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Update Oct 2022

The function of a hair dryer is to take air from the back of the dryer, heat the air over a heating coil then force it out the front of the barrel with or without a nozzle. 

Have you ever asked yourself WHY is my hair dryer burning hair and scalp?

Does your hairdryer start and stop when you use it? What to check for…..

 Check the cord to see if the thickness is the same from the plug to the dryer’s handle. In most cases you will see a swelling, much like a snake looks like after eating. This is usually just near the plug. Also check the cord where it connects to the handle of the dryer, if you see a swelling this will indicate the cord is defective which happens with wear and tear. Inspect the length of the cord for surface damage including cuts or burns from hot tools. Lastly confirm the plug is in good shape that the prongs are not bent or twisted. 

Does your hair dryer SHUT OFF in the middle of your blow dry?

Look at the back (The DUST CAP) of your hairdryer, is it clogged with dust, lint, and debris? This is when the dryer is choked, the air flow is reduced, it will get hotter and hotter then just shut off. This is due to the thermostat shutting down the dryer (a safety feature) before the dryer is permanently damaged. Therefore, the dust cap needs cleaning, if it is removable, run tap water through the screen from the inside of the screen to remove all the lint, dust, and debris from it. If it’s not removeable use a soft bristle brush to remove all the debris, then turn on the dryer with no heat to remove any remaining debris that may be inside the dryer.

  Another problem that arises some hair may attach to the fan shaft and as hair has 10 times the tensile strength of steel it can slow the motor down and cause it to overheat and eventually shut off. In this case, you should service your hair dryer.

Does your hair dryer SMOKE?

This may be caused by a couple of issues, some dryers develop Hot Spots as they age, soot inside may build up around the heating element and cause the air to have an uneven flow referred to as HOT SPOTS again a cleaning inside is needed.

Does your hair dryer SMELL like BURNED HAIR? 

 Hair will always end up inside your hairdryer and will burn when in contacts the heating coil, a proper cleaning inside is needed. Another reason for this maybe the product applied to your hair may smoke when heated. Best way to access this is to simply change product when blow-drying.

Check and clean your dryer monthly for years of dependable service.


Over the years I have always said to clients," if I placed a plastic bag over your head you would heat up and shut off too".  MV.



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