A healthy hair GUIDE when taking your hair on VACATION.

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A healthy hair GUIDE when taking your hair on vacation.

 Revised March 11th 24 

Traveling on planes, skiing, the slopes, or hitting the beach are all very dehydrating on the hair.

We believe the best approach is to choose products that PREVENT these problems instead of just repairing them after the fact. Sun protection an absolute must, keeps strands protected form UV rays, Chlorine, and Salt water. There are a plethora of products out there but here are the key characteristics to look for when choosing them.


Characteristics to look for:

  • Sunscreens are important, most brands address this and will work well for both extreme Hot and Cold climates. Please note Sunscreens should be reapplied every few hours, especially after swimming in chlorinated or salt water
  • A light oil-based spray or pump formula acts as a shield to keep the hair hydrated either a clear oil or a cream, this will depend on your hair type. Lighter weight for finer hair, more viscous for thick or curly hair. Protection creams can nourish and keep tresses soft and frizz free. They will add shine as well.
  • Anti Humidity and Anti Dehydration products, what does this mean? These resist high humidity and also create a barrier to prevent dehydration as well as they protect the hair from friction caused by winter scarves and hats which cause static, tangling and even breakage.     

A braid or ponytail will keep your hair in place keeping it neat and tangle free.

The correct brush and brushing method are also important. Brushes with a mix of natural bristles and nylon are best for this job. We suggest the Mini-G by Hotheads hair brushes as it has a 3D Bristle Pattern® mix with 2 types of Natural boar bristles which is best to distribute the products and 1 flexible nylon for gentle detangling. Good things come in small packages, it’s a compact travel brush.

To eliminate frizz ands static apply your product to the brush bristles lightly and then brushing your hair is quick and easy, at any time day or night.

If you’re heading South your products should have a quality which will reduce frizz as well as a UV protector to prevent those wonderful sun rays from burning and fading fresh hair color. If the pool has chlorine, bromine, or salt like the ocean sunscreens will also help prevent these damaging effects.

 Keeping your locks in the optimum shape for your return to reality. A cap, hat or scarf not only adds to a fashion statement but aids in protecting your hair and face from too much wind and sun exposure.

Enjoy your visit to paradise and never miss a step on your return with great looking hair.

“When your Hair Matters”

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