The Paddle Plus Collection

This brush features our GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristles™


HEALTHIER HAIR begins here.

Grooming improves your hair's Shine, Texture and Volume with daily use.

Feel your hair & scalp COME ALIVE AGAIN with 15 to 20 strokes nightly.

Improves MICROCIRCULATION creating stronger hair growth and density with daily use.

Tooth brushes are shaped to fit the hand for improving the maneuverability to improve oral health so is  our Paddle Brush Collection The soft S shaped body fits the hand perfectly allowing for easier brushing, improving the blood flow to the roots, improving the Shine, Texture, and the overall appearance.

Our 3D GENTLE TOUCH BRISTLES ,Black & White boar bristles help DISTRIBUTE NATURAL OILS naturally conditioning hair roots to ends.

Eliminate struggling with a child's hair using this gentle detangling brush on wet /dry hair.




MINI-G the compact go to brush.

Multi functional compact brush for quick touch ups and styling.

Firm V shaped nylon for back brushing a dry shampoo applications

Our GENTLE TOUCH 3D Bristles™ combine natural black/ white boar with a firm V shaped double pinned nylon.

Born to travel from the gym to any destination.

The GO TO travel brush the MINI-G. review

 Who says looking beautiful has to cost a small fortune?!