A NEW CONCEPT for REDUCING time drying your hair.

Best Brush Brush BRUSH FOR Controlled Air Flow Healthy Hair Prevent heat damage Reduce your drying time in half

                A NEW CONCEPT for REDUCING time drying your hair.


Everybody talks about spending less time drying, heaven only knows with our busy lives today we could use a little help. and there are some easy ways to do it but how do they effect your hair?

 The most common way is with styling products which have chemicals such as Alcohols, Ethanol’s and others which evaporate water FAST but will leave your hair generally drier. This approach has been around since the 60’s but how has it evolved since that time?  

Especially with the current trend of bleached blonde pastel colors.

The 80’s featured materials like Ceramics and Tourmalines added to styling brushes and hair-dryers which were designed to” RETAIN and DISTIBUTE the HEAT” on both styling brushes and hair-dryers speeding up drying time, but at what cost?

Have you ever wondered, why there is a need to retain heat, as we all know COOLING is what truly sets any material including hair? So, what happened to COOLING?

Today you read about the terminologies of CERAMICS, TOURMALINE and THERMAL ACTIVE but what do they really mean? What is stated, they emit negative ions which help dry hair faster and prevent static.

 Heat damaged hair is still a problem, partially due to the amount of hair color and an aging population.

HAIR-DRYERS have gotten HOTTER and HOTTER over the last few years now that we have thermal active it seems HEAT have gotten out of control for speeding up drying time, the result, severely damaged burned hair caused by this thermal concept. Focusing on the dryers and nozzles are only going to amplify the problem.

Most styling brushes have small holes and a hollow barrel, believing that air will penetrate through a section of damp/ wet hair wrapped around a barrel to dry it WITHOUT DAMAGE is some what difficult to believe. This is perhaps why hair-dryers are getting so HOT.

Most of the hot air when it contacts the surface of the hair around the brush will deflect in all directions creating frizz and wasting time, effort and energy.

What about the hair brush it’s an exciting time to explore a whole new concept designed to capture the HEAT and AIR-FLOW from the dryer making the brush more responsive between the dryer and the brush while PREVENTING HEAT DAMAGE.

Today with these unique functional design changes to a styling brush, increases the ability to create a FASTER and HEALTHIER approach to drying hair with less effort for both the professionals and their clients.

PRO Frazer V Calgary “She couldn’t believe that I didn’t use a straight iron, all just brush work”.

CONSUMER Bianca P, “As someone who is not very good with round brushes, I’m happy to finally have a brush that is light weight, ease to handle and most important super gentle. My blow-dry time has been cut in half. My hair has never been this shiny or smooth!”.

Here is where real change has happened having a brush do more of the work, just as in the transportation sector CONTROLLING AIR FLOW to improve the performance of air craft and vehicles.

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